• KEDI Healthcare (Nigeria) Limited incorporated and partnered with Fidson Healthcare Plc in the production of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) in Africa.


  • Commencement of sales of Healthcare products.


  • Significant milestone of 100 Product Delivery Outlets (Service Centres).


  • KEDI Healthcare (Ghana) Limited incorporated and commenced sales of products.


  • Opening of first branch office.
  • 200 Product Delivery Outlets.
  • 100,000 product distributors.
  • Business expansion into Benin Republic – significant growth for KEDI Healthcare.


  • Opening of KEDI Chinese Clinic in Ghana.
  • 200,000 product distributors recorded.


  • Strategic partnership with America Oriental Bioengineering, Inc. (AOBO) to form a joint venture: AOBO- KEDI Bioengineering (South-Africa) Limited.
  • Opening of second branch office.
  • 300 Product Delivery Outlets.
  • 300,000 product Distributors recorded.


  • Relocated to new head office.
  • Opening of third branch office.
  • 450,000 product distributors recorded.


  • 400 Product Delivery Outlets,
  • 600,000 product Distributors recorded.
  • Opening of fourth branch office.
  • Business expansion into Burkina-Faso.


  • VITANATURE brand was set up.
  • The company held the 5th car award and awarded over 100 distributors with -brand new cars.
  • Opening of Port-Harcourt and Ilorin branch office.
  • Opening of the seventh branch office.
  • 12 Ghanian Distributors traveled to Nigeria with all expense paid by KEDI.
  • Opening of Ikeja VIP training room (First VIP training room in KEDI training centre).
  • 15 Ghanian Distributors traveled to Dubai with all expense paid by KEDI.
  • KEDI 7-layer sanitary pad got NAFDAC approval.


  • Launched KEDI APP which is a significant milestone in KEDI history.
  • Set up first KEDI football team and named as KFC (KEDI Football Club).
  • Diawell, Gynapharm, Eve’s Comfort and Jointeez changed to capsule form.
  • VITANATURE products start selling.
  • KEDI Chairman met top distributors at Ikeja Training Centre to deliberate on Company exchange rate.
  • Miss KEDI pageant held at Ikeja Training Centre.
  • Distributors traveled to China in two different groups with all expense paid by KEDI.
  • Eye Beta and Haemocare got NAFDAC certificate.
  • Opening of Uyo Training Centre.
  • KEDI Chairman received MD of Fidson Healthcare Plc. in China.


  • KEDI Re-Vive, Reishi, Colon Tea and Cordy Active got certificate in Cote d’Ivoire by IVORY COAST-Ministere de la Sante Publique.
  • Opening of Abuja, Yola and Apapa Training Centres.
  • KEDI 6th Car Award and 12th year Anniversary held in Abuja.
  • KEDI Chairman met with Former Governor of Kaduna State in Abuja.
  • KEDI Mascot was revealed during KEDI Car Award in Abuja.


  • KEDI held second Stakeholders’ meeting in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Opening of Bauchi Training Centre.
  • Celebration of our Goal Getters (Distributors’ Birthday) across the Country.
  • Improved the formulae of TCM series products and launched them officially.
  • Commenced the implementation of the second Five Years Development Plan.
  • The first batch of Mutual Fund Award Beneficiaries started to collect their investment.
  • Opening of 12th and 13th KEDI branch offices in Onitsha and Ibadan respectively


  • Upgraded Distributor Training System to empower distributors nationwide.
  • Launching of new product “GUM CARE toothpaste” into the KEDI Personal Care line.
  • Introduced “Talk to KEDI” online broadcast.

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