KEDI Healthcare is committed to operate in a responsible and sustainable way at all times, to create and foster an environment where health and happiness is absolutely maximized.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is driven by the core focus of improving the lives of less-privileged children and communities around the African continent. For all activities carried out, KEDI Healthcare deploys its expertise, technology, partnerships, and financial resources to help build thriving, prosperous communities that improve people’s lives and support our business in accordance with its Environmental, Health and Safety policy.

Apart from the Education Scholarships and Charity Donations, KEDI provides a Mutual Fund account for all its distributors. It is a contribution account into which is paid specific amounts by both the distributors and the company.

Health awareness and sensitization programs tagged ”KEDI School Health Program” are held in different schools in line with the company’s mandate of improving the lives of African children. The programs are organized with the relevant expertise and an after program follow up is done to ensure effective implementation.

The management structure in implementing Corporate Social Responsibility specializes in:

To cover the education expenses of distributors’ children to study abroad which ensures they succeed in a global, technology-driven society.

To award distributors’ children scholarship to cover their education expenses to study in Nigeria.

Speeding the delivery of essential resources through donations, relief institutions and schools in different towns and villages with the aim of improving their and moral, and educational wellness.

A platform which creates a pool account into which specified amounts are deposited. The fund account which grows into a huge sum while still liquid in case of emergencies provides the beneficiaries a financially secured future during and after their partnership with KEDI Healthcare.

Health programs are held in partnership with relevant institutions to promote healthy habits and improve the life style of the African child.


A program that aims at eliminating gender discrimination, empowering women with knowledge and building their capabilities to be independent and become successful in all their endeavors.


Health insurance covers our distributors and their family members to relieve their burdens and secure their health while partnering with KEDI.

KEDI Healthcare (The Company) complies with all relevant legislation. Compliance with legislation is regarded as the minimum standard and The Company endeavors to follow best practice with due regard to business policy.

The Company places environmental matters equal to any other aspect of her business activities. It aims continuously to improve performance and sustainability.

The goals are to avoid all accidents, to have no ill health associated with work activities and to have no detrimental impact on the local environment.

The Company responds to concerns of staff or the public over effects that its operations might have in respect to environmental matters. It evaluates the impact of the product materials that it handles and provides users of its products with appropriate information to ensure their safe use.

The Company develops appropriate procedures to facilitate compliance with this policy covering all areas of activity, including response to emergencies. Suitable training forms part of staff development taking into account responsibility and experience. Appropriate criteria forms part of staff recruitment and promotion assessments.

Effective management of environment requires a partnership between the Company and each employee. It is management’s responsibility to organize, plan and implement this policy. Equally, all staff must follow the principles set down and monitor adherence to the policy to support the Company’s objectives.

The principle of risk assessments determines priorities for action, control measures required and improvements necessary. Capital and revenue spending plans takes account of Safety, Health and Environmental requirements.

The principles of the Company’s policy on Environment apply equally to other users of KEDI’s premises: visitors, staff and organizations. Supplier and sub-contractor evaluations also include comparison with this policy.

The Company reviews this policy on a regular basis for changes required due to variations in the size, structure or nature of the business.

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