—A world-class provider of healthcare products


KEDI Healthcare has established itself as a world-class, and leading global provider of healthcare products and equipment. It is a conglomerate with business interests in pharmaceutical sectors in China that promotes Traditional Chinese Medical Culture worldwide.

KEDI Healthcare’s business strength is based on a capability and expertise built up over many years, basking in over 5000 years of Chinese herbal knowledge which has contributed immensely to the health and longevity of the Chinese people.

Her partners include; pharmaceutical companies, government, bio-technologies, universities, schools involved in a broad range of activities and in industry for healthcare research and development. As an original healthcare provider, KEDI Healthcare does not only provide Traditional Chinese Medicines, they also have Food Supplements under the company’s new brand popularly known as VITANATURE, and healthcare equipment.

KEDI Healthcare has a highly pro-active after sales service, technical support capability and offers support globally, either through approved partners or its own service team.


Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of healthcare, KEDI Healthcare aims to setup Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Chinese Herbal Medicine Research Institute Worldwide.


KEDI Healthcare commits itself to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) culture worldwide, to introduce the quintessence of Chinese Medicine and to contribute to the wellbeing of mankind.


Our Goal is to provide our customers with healthcare solutions to suit their needs and to provide these solutions at an affordable price. Our goal captures the essence of who we are and how we interact with one another. It directs how we get involved with the market, and our commitment to deliver excellently to all our customers.


Our Values is highly dependent on our integrity, openness, continuous self-improvement, constructive criticism, global involvement, respect and diversification, both as a company and as individuals at all times.


KEDI Healthcare was formed in 2005, and was created alongside a formidable partnership with Fidson Healthcare (an indigenous pharmaceutical company listed in the Nigeria Stock Exchange) to aid local production of healthcare products.

All part of the elaborate ‘KEDI Healthcare Group of Companies’, comprises of KEDI Healthcare Industries (Nigeria) Limited, KEDI Healthcare Industries (Ghana) Limited and a Joint Venture Company with AOBO Inc.

KEDI Healthcare in the early years commenced sales of products with less than ten distribution outlets. In 2007, its growth and product acceptability led to a rapid growth and expansion, Product Service Centres increased to 100, at this same time, the company President Mr. William Zhao was building strong business relationships.

In 2008, a wholly owned subsidiary, KEDI Healthcare (Ghana) Limited was formed. This led to an increase in business scope of KEDI Healthcare in the African continent. The business was introduced to the Republic of Benin, a French speaking West-African country in 2010. The same year, due to high demand and the quality nature of the products, KEDI Healthcare distribution network increased to 200 outlets and 100,000 active distributors.

Despite strong policies in relation to new product registration, compliance to all regulations ensured that KEDI Healthcare has introduced 14 new products including healthcare equipment in addition to her current product lines.

Throughout the following years, KEDI established sound professional relationships with major pharmaceutical companies, including a joint venture with AOBO Inc. to form AOBO-KEDI Bioengineering (South-Africa) Limited in 2013 and this led to a growth in sales turnover. In 2014, the company relocated to a new head office and the company’s third branch office was opened against stiff competition. Alongside, individual distributor numbers increased and presence in over ten countries was established around the same time.

In 2015, significant growth was evidenced in the product lines. The 2015 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to YouyouTu for her discovery of a therapy (Qinghao) against malaria, and KEDI Healthcare has for years used this therapy in the production of its anti-malaria product. This product has helped a lot in the fight against malaria in Africa. The same year, KEDI Healthcare introduced its business in Burkina-Faso. It also recorded a total of over 600,000 active distributors across its business and opened another branch office.

This led to a new specialty for KEDI Healthcare, a sector in which we can now confidently state that we are: “A world-class provider of healthcare products”.

In 2016,KEDI celebrated her 10th Anniversary during her 5th Car Award Ceremony,and this ceremony recorded the most attendances in KEDI car award history. In the same year, KEDI registered her second brand ”VITANATURE” which specialize on Vitamins and food supplement.From 2016 to 2017,KEDI has a tremendous expansion with open up to 7 Training Centers and 500 Service Centres in Nigeria. In 2017, KEDI APP was officially launched and it is new invention in KEDI which all distributors are benefited from.


KEDI Healthcare has a steady annual turnover increase of approximately 20%.

2015 “Excellent Media Inspire” awards KEDI Healthcare as “Outstanding Business of the Year”.

2014 “Nigeria Red cross Society” awards KEDI Healthcare “Humanity Certificate”

2013, two awards for “Integrity” and “Outstanding and Memorable Impact in Africa”

KEDI Healthcare is strategically located in the giant economy of the African continent which provides access to the largest market share in Africa.

KEDI Healthcare management team, marketing team and quality personnel are situated under one roof, which ensures that it has good internal communications leading to successful business operation in a timely and efficient manner.
KEDI staff has a strong blend of creativity, commitment and technical excellence.

KEDI Healthcare provides the highest standard of products, customer support and training.

KEDI Healthcare utilizes ever-improving Research and Development processes to provide the best healthcare products and is an innovator in this field. The company has an unrivalled reputation for its product efficacy and ability to recommend standard products to suit the needs of differing applications.

KEDI Healthcare philosophy named as “PARTNERSHIP” is to develop a close working relationship with customers; in this way KEDI can discuss, consider and provide healthcare solutions to satisfy a customer’s requirements in the long term, to gain maximum benefit to both parties.

A vibrant distribution network ensures constant product availability and sales. KEDI Healthcare has a strong distributor network comprising over 600,000 individual distributors and 500 product distribution outlets that deal with requests and after sales follow up.

KEDI Healthcare has an excellent performance award system for all distributors. Since beginning operations, over three hundred cars and fifty villas have been awarded to hardworking distributors across its business.

KEDI Healthcare offers a very professional and effective product sales and distribution capability.

KEDI Healthcare has multiple sales agreements with Africa’s largest online mall.

Good Corporate Governance practices which promotes integrity, transparency and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Quality assured, KEDI Healthcare is a Quality Assured company, with accreditation to the GMP Certificate and Standard.


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