The partnership between KEDI and her distributors is built on a shared set of values: those that both parties possess independently, and those that have been forged together.

The basic principles of KEDI Healthcare that helps foster good working relationship and effectiveness in business as a Multi-Level Marketing company is her Proactiveness, Achievement, Resourcefulness, Talent, Network, Effectiveness, Responsiveness, Soundness, Honorability, Intellectual and Profitability. These are the methods in which the company yields result for her business.

We limit our priorities to “PARTNERSHIP”. The company believes that the relationship between her distributors and customers is based on strong partnership; we interpret PARTNERSHIP into the following words which represent the philosophy of the company.

–        PROACTIVENESS – The major way our distributors go about their businesses are through creating opportunities, controlling situations, and being Proactive in order to grasp a larger market share.

–        ACHIEVEMENT – Our distributors strive hard to Achieve enviable positions in life and business. They are great achievers, so we create opportunities for them to attain high levels in their life and business.

–        RESOURCEFULNESS – All distributors make use of their Resourcefulness to put available Resources to indigenous use in order to get cognitive results such as human and wealth resource.

–        TALENT – The growth of the organization is through the Talent application of our distributors, by using the best of their knowledge to divulge various ways to expanding the business.

–        NETWORK – Our Distributors work as a team because in Network marketing business, a joint effort is needed to grow. Teamwork is the fastest and easiest way to make it in multi-level marketing business.

–        EFFECTIVENESS – We offer Effective services to our distributors and customers by providing them quality products and services.

–        RESPONSIVENESS – Our distributors are quick to Respond to the needs of their customers to ensure they achieve customer satisfaction.

–        SOUNDNESS – Distributors who are engaged in this business are mentally and physically Sound. They are knowledgeable to impact the lives of people and ever ready to deliver at all times.

–        HONOURABILITY – We ensure our distributors are treated with immense Honour and respect which makes them stand out tall amongst their contemporaries.

–        INTELLECTUALS – Our distributors have outstanding Intellect to think rationally for effective marketing orientations and operations.

–        PROFITABILITY – We ensure our distributors achieve success in business by creating various opportunities for business Profitability.

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