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It was all shades of colour and glamour as KEDI celebrated her seventeenth anniversary in grand style. As a global leader in the MLM industry, KEDI defies all odds and continues to achieve remarkable milestones since its inception. This year, the company celebrated her 17th anniversary with great splendour, highlighting its unwavering commitment to health, wellness and financial empowerment.

Founded in 2006, KEDI has grown from strength to strength, earning a good reputation for its exceptional products, lucrative business opportunity and dedication to impacting lives. The 17th anniversary celebration was a testament to the Company’s enduring success and unwavering mission to create a healthier and wealthier world.

The event commenced on 1st of June both online and at all our Training Centres nationwide. Online, series of colourful posts were posted to showcase the Company’s innovative product line-up, highlighting their commitment to quality and effectiveness, her brands, her promise, her unique incentives as well as a heartfelt felicitation letter from the Managing Director to cheer the hearts of the distributors and motivate prospective distributors.

A special anniversary weekly online quiz commenced on 2nd of July and ended on 25th of June on our social media platforms. Three different questions were asked in three different waves for three weeks and the public provided answer to the questions. After the quiz, thirty winners were randomly-selected from the Company’s Facebook account, Facebook page and Instagram account and were gifted a special anniversary gift each.

The special online anniversary broadcast took place on Thursday, 8th June, 2023 on the Company’s Facebook page and Instagram account as thousands of distributors tuned in to celebrate the Company’s seventeen years of global impact. During the broadcast, a question and answer section was held and five distributors won a special anniversary gift courtesy KEDI management. 

The event also featured a colourful Roadshow which took place at eighteen different locations across the country. Distributors trooped out en-masse to partake in the jubilation and to tell the world about how KEDI can change their lives.

At all our Branch Offices nationwide, our staff joined distributors to cut a tastefully-decorated anniversary cake at the cake-cutting seminar which took place specially to celebrate the Company’s accomplishments these seventeen years.

Indeed, no KEDI anniversary celebration is complete without a special promo. A limited time offer which commenced on 10th June and lasted till 30th June made waves and put smiles on the faces of both distributors and non-distributors. After the promo, thousands of people who bought one pack of Memory 24/7 capsule got one pack of Colon Cleanser Tea free. Distributors who bought one jar of Grapemin-E tablet also got one pack of Colon Cleanser Tea free in line with their purchase quantity. The most amazing part of the promo is that thousands of people who registered to become a distributor within the promo period got one pack of KEDI Gum Care Toothpaste each.

Of a truth, KEDI’s seventeen years of operations in Nigeria is a story of resilience, passion and unwavering commitment to making a difference. Looking ahead with no sign of slowing down, with our global expansion plans, continuous product innovation and commitment to empowering individuals worldwide, we are poised for a more remarkable future as a forward-thinking healthcare organization.

Happy 17th Anniversary KEDIANS!!!


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