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The city of Lagos stood still on Tuesday, 14th February, 2023 as giants in KEDI business assembled for the sixth edition of KEDI Stakeholders Meeting. From different regions and states across the country, about forty-six (46) Top Leaders gathered at the prestigious Golden Tulip Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos to review the Company’s activities for the outgone business year and map out corporate strategies for the new business year.

The annual KEDI Stakeholders Meeting is a gathering of top achievers in the business who have overtime carved a niche for themselves as evident in their excellent business performance. Every year, the meeting features critical analysis of the Company’s policies, strategies, activities and results recorded in the outgone business year, constructive analysis of the Company’s future projections as well as an explicit narration of strategies to be employed in order to actualize the aspirations and projections.

The sixth edition of KEDI Stakeholders Meeting was great as distributors were excited to meet one another again after 2022 Car Award Ceremony as they strolled in to the hall in clusters, chatting and sharing ideas with one another. The meeting was officially opened for commencement by 10:38am with an opening prayer led by Dr. Moses Egbeniyi.

Representing the management, the Marketing Manager – Mr. Charles Nweke warmly welcomed the delegates and appreciated them for their support towards the success of 2022 Car Award Ceremony. He also applauded them for their commitment and hard work and urged them to continuously align with the Company’s goals as well as strive to make the great KEDI brand known, loved and accepted all over the world.

The Head of Marketing Department – Mr. Michael Wu took over almost immediately by 11:03am as he thrilled the delegates with his apt presentation on the Company’s 2022 achievements as well as her projections, plans and aspirations for the current business year. After providing the delegates with a detailed statistics of the Company’s performance for the outgone business year and the road map for the current business year, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Top Leaders and by extension to all the distributors for their efforts towards expanding KEDI business regardless of the seemingly difficulties and the harsh global economic reality. He assured them that the management will continue to go extra miles in providing them with more efficacious healthcare products, more mind-blowing compensatory packages, more amazing promotions and more business-friendly policies to help them expand their business, earn more and fulfil their dreams.

In order to familiarize the Stakeholders with the management’s new training structure and schedule, representatives of the Company’s Training Department took the delegates through an insightful session where they explicitly explained the Company’s new training structure, the content and materials for the trainings and their usage, lecturers management procedures and the training evaluation mode. After the presentation, the delegates took turns to ask questions and air their opinions about the Company’s new training structure.

This year’s edition was more colourful as the management magnanimously took time out to celebrate Stakeholders who are February celebrants. The celebrants accompanied by staff and other distributors were led to cut the tastefully-decorated cakes provided by the management amidst excitement and loud ovation.

After a short break, distributors were given the opportunity to pour their hearts out to the management. Delegates took turns to share their field challenges as well as their contributions to help the management do better and achieve greater feats in the current business year. Some of the issues raised by the delegates range from product efficacy to product packaging, distributors’ benefits, marketing promotions amongst others.

Responding to the issues raised by the delegates, the Head of Marketing Department and the Marketing Manager took turns to address each issue and assured them that KEDI is a reliable partner that listens and they can be rest assured of the management’s swift response to all their areas of concerns.

All the way from the People’s Republic of China, the Managing Director – Mr. Alex Zhao who joined the meeting through the Zoom APP, appreciated the distributors for their hard work, loyalty and commitment all these years. He affirmed that the Company wouldn’t have been able to record the amount of achievements recorded thus far without the unflinching support of the distributors. He however urged the distributors to keep rooting for KEDI as we continue to make progress together. In his words, “KEDI is not perfect but we are working harder to become better than we were yesterday and we will not stop until our impact is felt not only in the African continent but all over the world”.

In appreciation of their efforts in the business, a special gift was given to each delegate whose joy knew no bound. Photographs were taken and delegates dined, wined and bonded happily.

As an organization, all hands are on deck to fulfil our vision of making people’s lives better through our quality healthcare products and our unique business platform so, distributors can be rest assured because their future is secured in KEDI.

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