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Success in life and in business is a function of stepping out of your comfort zone, going extra miles, harnessing resources and continuously seeking knowledge on personal development and business growth. One of the things that differentiates KEDI from other MLM companies is the fact that KEDI understands the impact of training and how it helps her distributors grow that’s why the Company provides highly-impactful business summits and trainings periodically to help her distributors.

In the eleventh month of the year, KEDI organized big business summits in some selected parts of the country as part of her training calendar for the year. Distributors gathered together at the different locations to learn more about the Company’s offerings – her efficacious products, the business rudiments, how to take advantage of the Company’s promotions and the different compensatory packages that distributors can enjoy. 

Some of the locations where the summits took place are Gombe, Gombe State, Sapele, Delta State, Modakeke, Osun State, Lokoja, Kogi State, Katsina, Katsina State, Akure, Ondo State amongst others.

Some Marketing Officers were present at the summits to speak, represent the management and divulge the necessary information about the Company to the astonished audience. Staff present at the event are: Ms. Magaret Idonijie – Marketing Deputy Manager, Mr. Nathaniel Adede – South Regional Supervisor, Mr. Nicholas Anigala – North Regional Supervisor, Ms. Kelechi Onyeri – North West Regional Officer, Mr. Abiodun Omolade – South West Regional Officer, Bamidele Oluwaseun – North East Regional Officer and Mr. Emmanuel Ogazi – South East Regional Officer.

Dignitaries, Top distributors, Service Centre Owners and Lecturers were not left out as they trooped out in the different locations en masse, to validate the event and to share their wealth of knowledge with the attendees. Some of them are: Mr. Alakinde Taiwo, Mr. Fapohunda Julius, Alhaji Adamu Ibrahim, Dr. Sani Nuru, Mr. Bolanle Ogundimiyo, Mr. Anthony Okungbowa, Mr. Zion Aghedo, Mr. Etim Ekpo, Mrs. Laura Obaseki, Mukadafe Orume, Mr. Ajiboye Bolanle, Pharmacist Tony Okungbowa, Mr. Ocholi Audu, Mr. Sunday Onah, Alhaji Bamanaga Babaji, Mr. Adesola Adegbite, Dr. Egbeniyi Moses, Mr. Adediram Adeyinka, Chief Olanrewaju Kazeem, Mr. Oyeleke Marvelous amongst others.

Being a civil service state, the summit was done in Gombe State to enlighten government officials about the benefits of KEDI business and also educate them on how they can grow their KEDI business as a part time hustle even as they continue their job as civil servants. To enable the attendees swiftly understand the fundamentals of the business, the attendees were taught how to fill the order and registration forms, the benefits and uniqueness of KEDI products, the Company’s slogan, basics of the compensation plan, the various income sources in KEDI business, the benefits of attending KEDI seminars and events and so on. The attendees had lots of questions to ask and they were all given the opportunity to ask their questions which helped to clear the doubts they had about the authencity of KEDI products and business.

After listening to the lecturers at Idah, Kogi State, the attendees sought for clarifications about the Company’s ongoing promotions and pleaded earnestly for the extension of the soon-to-end KEDI REGISTRATION AWOOF PROMO which according to them has contribution significantly to the growth of their business.

The instant registration was massive in Sapele, Delta State as people filed out with excitement and great expectations to register when they were told that they will get ONE PACK OF KEDI GUM CARE TOOTHPASTE INSTANTLY when they register in line with the Company’s ongoing registration promo. Top leaders and lecturers present also took time to guide the attendees on the fundamentals of KEDI products and business as well as the numerous compensatory packages that KEDI has to offer.

The hall couldn’t contain the attendees in Akure, Ondo State as attendees filled up the hall hours before the commencement of the event. The expectations of the mammoth crowd were not shattered as they were taken through different sections of knowledge impartation which eventually led to almost a hundred instant registration. The product lecturer thoroughly explained the benefits, dosage and application of KEDI products. He painstakingly taught each product using vivid and relatable testimonies. It is not surprising that after the summit, not only did people come out in their numbers to register as a KEDI distributor, they equally purchased different KEDI products for themselves.

At Modakeke, Osun State, the event was lit as the lecturers of the day motivated the attendees and charged them to embrace KEDI business and secure their future especially in this period of so much uncertainty and global hardship. Top leaders present shared their ‘grass to grace’ story which inspired the attendees and moved quite a number of them to register immediately after the summit.

In all the locations, the summit ended with a photograph session as the Company’s representatives, dignitaries, top distributors and lecturers took group pictures with the attendees who couldn’t conceal their excitement as they expressed their appreciation to the management of KEDI for organizing such an impactful summit.

In an after-event interview with some of the attendees, they earnestly appealed to the management for more of such qualitative trainings which they affirmed will certainly boost their sales and help them grow their business. 

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