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As part of her efforts to mentally equip her distributors with robust knowledge about her wide range of products, their features, benefits, dosage and application; the management of KEDI Healthcare Industries Nigeria Limited gathered her distributors together at all her Training Centres and Regional Offices nationwide for a 2-day intensive product training.

The training which took place on Wednesday, 17th August and Thursday, 18th August, 2022 was open to all interested distributors at no cost. Distributors trooped out from different parts of the country to the closest training location to be educated on the rudiments of KEDI products.

This edition of the training which is the second of its kind this year was thorough as lecturers left no stone unturned as they explained the content of the training’s PPT slides with so much zest. Each session was exhaustive with relevant examples.

The training was geared towards improving the product knowledge of new and existing distributors in order to improve the distributors’ sales performance. It featured different sessions – theoretical analysis, technical compositions and practical demonstrations of KEDI products. With the aid of carefully arranged and comprehensive power point slides, our seasoned lecturers invested their efforts as they handled each product with every sense of professionalism and versatility. The training was successfully held at all KEDI Training Centres and Regional Offices across the country.

Representing the Company at the training were: Ms. Margaret Idonije – Marketing Deputy Manager, Mr. Nathaniel Adede – South Regional Supervisor, Mr. Nicholas Anigala – North Regional Supervisor, Ms. Kelechi Onyeri – North West Regional Officer, Mr. Abiodun Omolade – South West Regional Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Ogazi – South East Regional Officer, Mr. Oluwaseun Bamidele – North Central Regional Officer and all Branch Staff nationwide. 

Top distributors were not left out as they also came out en masse to give the event a facelift and also share their personal experiences about the efficacy of KEDI products. Some of the top distributors in attendance include: Chief Richard Adiele, Dr. Ememka Anyanwu, Mr. Omotosho Kehinde, Mr. Boladale Abiodun Taofeek, Mr. Isaac Ajisafe, Mrs. Mercy Udoh, Mr. Kehinde Omotosho, Mr. Charles Bassey, Mr. Edit Etim, Mr. Egbeniyi Moses, Mr. Omidiji Bamidele, Mrs. Popoola amongst others.

At all the training locations, the purpose of the training was not compromised as evident in the intensity of every section of the training.

At our Abuja Training Centre, special emphasis was laid on the newly-launched spring products. The lecturer took time to explain each of the new products and shared testimonies about the efficacy of the products. In wrapping up the lecture, he encouraged the attendees to take care of their health with KEDI products because sound health is everything.

The training took a different turn at Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State. KEDI 7-Layer Sanitary Pad and Panty Liner were put through a liquid test alongside a few other brands and the result was almost unbelievable. Attendees marveled at the super-absorption of 7-Layer products. While ladies got some for themselves, some men also bought some packs to gift the women in their lives and also recommend them for their customers.

The people of Aba in Abia State were super-excited to host KEDI legendary lecturer, Mr. Joshua Onodugo who blew the audience away with his in-depth knowledge of the products. He spent time on product application and attendees took turns to ask about right application of some of our special solutions products. With the aid of vivid and relatable examples, he handled all the sections of the training professionally and convincingly.

It was indeed a nice time-out for the attendees as they took group photographs, networked and brainstormed in small circles on how to increase their sales and earn more. KEDI Product Training comes up in different waves every year and we urge our distributors to always attend in order to learn more, earn more and grow more.

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