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I start by extending my warmest wishes to all our Esteemed Distributors, Customers and Staff all over the world on this great occasion of our 16th Year Anniversary. Anniversaries afford us the opportunity to reminiscence on our past achievements, recollect the memories we have shared over the years and cherish them as we look forward to a greater future together.

KEDI started like a spark that blossomed unimaginably over the years. Ignited and fuelled by our passion and enthusiasm to provide mankind with not just excellent healthcare products but also a life-changing business platform, KEDI is fast becoming a household name known all over the world for the provision of financial independence as well as a lucrative business platform which has been rightly tagged a sure escape route out of poverty and penury.

As a Company, we believe strongly in the values of openness, continuous self-improvement, global involvement, integrity and trust, that’s why we are well-known all over the world as a PARTNER YOU CAN TRUST. Over the last sixteen years, the Company has undergone massive changes but our commitment towards liberating and empowering mankind has become stronger than ever before. 

No doubt, the journey has not been smooth sailing. Over the years, we have had to battle with high inflation rate, global economic uncertainties and inconsistencies, market saturation to mention a few but in it all, we remain matchless, unbeatable and second to none.

I am so elated about all the achievements we have recorded these sixteen years and I must reiterate the fact that all these wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our highly-esteemed distributors, customers and our hardworking staff. However, regardless of our numerous glorious achievements, I make bold to say that – WE ARE NOT DONE YET, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. We have MORE in the “pipeline” for you as we continue on this success journey together.

Conclusively, as we bask in the euphoria of this grand celebration, I will like to assure our distinguished distributors all over the world, of our unflinching commitment towards the provision of business-friendly policies, growth-driven support systems as well as more compensatory packages to help our distributors earn more, grow more and shine more. Happy 16th Anniversary, KEDIANS!

With Love,

Alex Zhao
Managing Director.

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