• Open-Hours: 9am to 5pm



From the nooks and crannies of the country, KEDI Stakeholders gathered together on Friday, 11th February, 2022 to critically analyse the activities of the Company in the outgone business year as well as to map out corporate strategies on how to meet the needs of the distributors and customers and hitherto move the Company forward in the current business year.

The event which was the fifth edition of its kind was indeed a glamorous one as the Stakeholders were excited to see one another again owing to the fact that the fourth edition was held virtually in deference and adherence to the government’s restrictions on mass gathering in an attempt to control the spread of the deadly Coronavirus disease.

About Thirty Eight (38) delegates attended the event, they walked into the hall glamorously in clusters into the waiting arms of the Management team who got to the venue earlier to receive them. The meeting was officially declared open by 10:45am as Alhaji Kolawole Ismaheel and Pastor Moses Egbeniyi gave the opening prayer in Islam and Christianity religions.

Representing the Managing Director, the Operations Manager – Mr. Roger Luo warmly welcomed the delegates to the epoch-making annual event. He appreciated them for their commitment, hard work, persistence, professionalism and loyalty to the Company and urged them to remain worthy ambassadors of the great KEDI brand in their respective locations all over the world. He reiterated the Management’s commitment towards providing distributors with the necessary support systems to help them grow and earn more.

Taking over immediately was the Marketing Manager – Mr. Bryan Gu who welcomed the delegates and thrilled them with an apt presentation on the Company’s 2021 PERFORMANCE REVIEW as well as her PROJECTIONS for the current business year. He ended his presentation by expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the distributors for standing by the Company and also for working relentlessly to ensure that KEDI brand is loved and accepted all over the world.

The event took a new turn compared to the four previous editions with the official celebration and decoration of the Company’s First Honorary Chairman – Chief Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku. The session turned out to be an exciting one as all attendees couldn’t but take pictures with the RECORDBREAKER.

In order to educate the Stakeholders on modern business trends, Mr. Isaac Ajisafe took the Stakeholders through an intensive training on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR CORPORATE STRATEGY as the delegates listened with rapt attention. He stressed the indispensability of digital marketing in corporate strategy and how the Company as well as the distributors can explore the digital platforms in order to position KEDI as a top-notch brand all over the world.

After a short recess, it was time for the OPEN MIC SESSION. Distributors were given the opportunity to relay to the Management, the challenges they are experiencing in the business as well as what they would love the Management to put in place to help them grow their business. Some of the issues raised were:

  • Product markdown
  • Stereotyped and vague promo packages
  • Delay in dispatching promo incentives
  • Need for a special training for Top Leaders in the business
  • Need to improve the ambience of some of the Company’s Training Centres
  • Fixed award for Six and Seven Star Consultants
  • Bridge in the communication gap between the Company and her distributors
  • Poor HMO service
  • Reinstatement of KEDI Gun Massager
  • Provision of quality and well-funded seminars

Responding on behalf of the Management, the Marketing Manager – Mr. Charles Nweke addressed all the concerns raised by the delegates and assured them of the Management’s willingness to appropriately attend to all their concerns in a bid to ensure that distributors continue to have a smooth business relationship with the Company. Speaking afterwards was the Marketing Deputy Manager – Mr. Joshua Okpanwu who implored the distributors to cooperate with the Management as they strive to introduce sustainable platforms which will undoubtedly impact distributors greatly.

With the assurances from the representatives of the Management, the delegates were elated. A special gift was presented to each attendee by the Management team, photographs were taken and delegates were then treated to sumptuous dishes.

At KEDI, the continuous provision of quality healthcare products and a sustainable business platform to liberate mankind from penury remain of topmost priority to us and these we will continue to pursue till our impact is greatly felt across the African Continent as the best plug for health and wealth.

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