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All hail a great achiever, a dogged team player, a passionate go-getter, an outstanding record breaker and an icon of excellence – MR. SUNNY CHINEDU OJIAKU who recently broke a long-standing record to emerge as the First Honorary Chairman of KEDI Healthcare Industries Nigeria Limited.

It is noteworthy that the Honorary Chairman status is the peak of KEDI Distributorship level and attaining this status is not a “walk in the park” but regardless of the stringent requirements, Mr. Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku has set the pace to attain this enviable status laced with unquantifiable privileges.

Coming exactly fifteen months after he broke the record and emerged as the FIRST FIVE STAR DIRECTOR in the history of KEDI, he has again set another ground-breaking record.  

Born in Mbano, Imo State, the great achiever has had to struggle through life in an attempt to build himself a secured future. With so many professional certifications both in Nigeria and the International space, Mr. Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku stands out amongst his peers as an erudite scholar, a profound and versatile professional in the industry.

As a multiple award-winning distributor who joined KEDI from the days of the Company’s humble beginnings, Mr. Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku has indeed tasted and enjoyed the full compensatory package of KEDI and bagged all kinds of awards in KEDI. He has won over ten (10) cars courtesy KEDI Car Award Promo, he has travelled to different top notch cities of the world courtesy KEDI Travel Promo, he is one of the beneficiaries of KEDI Mutual Fund Plan, he is also one of the beneficiaries of KEDI Villa Award as well as one of the beneficiaries of KEDI Health Insurance Plan and his monthly bonus is jaw-dropping and life-changing.

From the proceeds of his KEDI business, he recently acquired a luxurious property in Palmade, Los Angeles in the United States of America, some sleek and classy cars and he is living a good life with his family as a resident of the United States of America. He is indeed living the life of his dreams.

In his words, “As far as KEDI business is concerned, I will never rest until my good is better and my better becomes best. I will never relent until KEDI becomes a household name for sound health and great wealth not just in the African Continent but in the world at large. That is my goal and I will stop at nothing to see it become reality”.

The success story of Mr. Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku is a pointer to the fact that “In life, nothing can stop you. Obstacles cannot stop you, problems cannot stop you, other people cannot stop you, the only person that can stop you is YOU”. Just like Mr. Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku, YOU too can fulfil your dreams and become a force to be reckoned with, believe in yourself, set personal goals, strive to achieve success, avoid indolence, seek knowledge continuously and be open-minded and your success is certain.

We celebrate a great achiever, an amiable pacesetter and a matchless record breaker of all times – Mr. Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku. We are so proud of you, keep hoisting the KEDI flag all over the world.


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