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Coming exactly thirteen months after she emerged as the First Female Four Star Director of KEDI Healthcare Industries Nigeria Limited, Mrs. Christiana Essien has once again set the pace in the business as she recently emerged the First Female Five Star Director of KEDI.

A Multiple Award-winning Distributor, a Philanthropist, a Seasoned Lecturer and a worthy Role Model to many in the business both young and old, Mrs. Christiana Essien hails and operates from Akwa-Ibom State – the Land of Promise. She is the owner of the pacesetting Service Centre 016 in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.

Since she began her KEDI journey in 2006, she has travelled far and wide in a quest to liberate many from the shackles of poverty through KEDI business. One thing that distinguishes Mrs. Christiana Essien from others is her unquenchable hunger for knowledge, the more she knows, the more she wants to know. She gave herself to continuous learning regardless of her age and status.

Hard work truly pays the best interest. Mrs. Christiana Essien has over the years enjoyed so many privileges in the business ranging from multiple Car Awards, multiple Travel Awards and Villa Award. She is one of the beneficiaries of KEDI Mutual Fund and HMO Plans respectively. She stands out on monthly basis with her undisputable sales achievement.

As a Woman in KEDI Business, she defied odds and scaled heights to remain relevant in business and grow a healthy family simultaneously. 

In her words, “success is not for the lily-livered neither is it automatic. It is reserved only for those who are ready to pay the price for it irrespective of all obvious limiting factors. Regardless of your gender, age, tribe, race and religion; KEDI business is for everyone and your success is guaranteed in KEDI”.

Success is indeed not reserved for a selected few. Anyone can succeed with the right mindset, appropriate actions, determination, consistency and positivity. You too can be the next CHRISTY ESSIEN, play your part, be purpose driven and stay glued to KEDI because KEDI is the game-changer.


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