• Open-Hours: 9am to 5pm



The metropolitan city of Apapa in the Centre of Excellence, Lagos State, stood still for the opening ceremony of KEDI APAPA NEW OFFICE which took place on Saturday, 28th August, 2021 at the new office complex located at 15, Iganmu Road, Kpako Bstop/Ladipo Bstop, Sari Iganmu, Amukoko, Ajegunle Apapa, Lagos.

The relocation of our Apapa Training Centre was a swift response aimed at meeting up with the ever-growing demand as well as to adequately control the flow of human traffic thereby promoting hassle-free business operations in the interest of our distinguished distributors.

The relocation sparked so much excitement among the distributors and some customers who felt the move was long overdue with the influx of people who troop into the Training Centre especially since the relocation of our Ikeja office.

Although operations commenced in the office few weeks before the opening ceremony, it didn’t stop the “crème de la crème” from attending the phenomenal occasion which commenced at exactly 10:00am amidst undeniable euphoria exuded by distributors, customers and dignitaries who stormed the hall with different colorful attires.

The event turned out to be massive with the outpouring of guests from within and outside the state. Top Leaders and Car Awardees were not left out as they trooped into the venue to motivate the distributors with their KEDI story. Some of the Top Leaders in attendance include: Mrs. Uchenna Okeke, Alhaji Olowoesa Saadu Hakeem, Mr. Alani Abiodun, Alhaji Arogundade Ayinde, Alhaji Mufutau Ayinde, Alhaji Ogidan Bello, Mr. Izu Ajoku, Mrs. Aboyeji Kemi, Mr. Vincent Crown, Mrs. Grace Davidson amongst others.

Representing the management at the event was the Marketing Deputy Manager – Mr. Joshua Okpanwu, who gave an apt introductory speech after the National Anthem recitation which was led by the Branch Marketing Officer – Mr. Shadrach Omoregba. In his speech, the Marketing Deputy Manager welcomed all the attendees and he specially appreciated them for believing in the health and wealth mantra of KEDI.  He saluted them for their courage, persistence and loyalty to the great KEDI brand. In closing, he guaranteed the audience of management’s unwavering commitment to their growth and assured them that the management will stop at nothing to ensure that her distributors and customers all over the world enjoy beneficial and highly rewarding offerings at all times.

Taking over almost immediately was the owner of Service Centre 462, Mrs. Uchenna Okeke who took the audience through an in-depth session on the efficiency and usage of KEDI products. With vivid examples of successful cases she has handled with KEDI products, she outlined the benefits of KEDI products and stressed on the efficacy of the unique KEDI products.

Afterwards, Alhaji Saadu Hakeem gave an apt presentation on the lucrativeness of KEDI business platform as the audience listened with rapt attention. In corroboration of Alhaji Saadu’s presentation, Car Awardees present at the event were given ten (10) minutes each to share their KEDI story with the audience. Attendees were thrilled as they listened to the business and product testimonies and at the end of the presentations, over sixty seven (67) people registered instantly as they couldn’t wait to enjoy the many privileges that KEDI offers.

After the question and answer session, the Branch Cashier – Mrs. Camelia Okoro led the audience through the fastest finger game where almost ten (10) people won recharge cards. Facial mask was distributed to all the attendees after which the audience were treated to sumptuous food and drink.

Attendees were then led to take pictures with the Top Leaders, Car Awardees and Staff present at the event after which they left the venue with so much ecstasy and passion to spread KEDI’s health and wealth message with everyone in their sphere of influence until the world is eventually KEDIFIED.

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