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The success story of Dr. Moses Egbeniyi who recently attained Two Star Director in KEDI business is quite inspirational and worth emulating. Mr. Moses Egbeniyi began his KEDI journey on the 5th of March, 2008 in search of a better life and fulfilment of purpose.

The erudite scholar who hails from the Land of Virtue – Osun State, gave himself to so much learning as he sought after knowledge with an unquenchable hunger. The knowledge he acquired about the company’s products, compensation plan, modern business practices as well the innumerable support systems provided by KEDI helped him become successful and relevant in the business.

In his words, “The secret of Multi-level Marketing is what I call USSR meaning Use the products, Share your experience with people, Sell the products and Replenish the stocks and all these have worked for me greatly in KEDI business”.

Mr. Moses Egbeniyi is an award-winning distributor who has bagged so many accolades ranging from numerous Car Awards courtesy KEDI CAR AWARD PROMO, Free International Trips to exotic cities courtesy KEDI TRAVEL PROMO, he is also one of the beneficiaries of KEDI VILLA AWARD, he and his family members are currently enjoying an all-expense paid health cover courtesy KEDI HMO PLAN, he is also a beneficiary of KEDI MUTUAL FUND PLAN amongst others.

Some of the essential qualities that have contributed vastly to his imminent success are resolute passion, self-discipline, creativity, selflessness, the willingness to learn, to mention a few.

He is the owner of Service Centres 156 in Ibadan, Oyo State and 420 in Sango Ota, Ogun State, he is also KEDI Ibadan Regional Manager and he is happily married to Mrs. Grace Egbeniyi who is also a KEDI distributor and his partner-in-progress.

Of a truth, anyone and everyone can be successful. Define your personal and business goals, be passionate about achieving your set goals, embrace each phase with positivity and optimism, be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn and your success is guaranteed.

You too can rewrite your story and fulfil your dreams like Dr. Moses Egbeniyi.


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