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A reputable Network Marketing Company like KEDI Healthcare Industries Nigeria Limited is distinguished with its unique distribution channel put in place to help her distributors and customers enjoy hassle-free business operations with the Company. Her distribution channel spans from the Head Office through her Training Centres and Regional Offices to the Service Centres then to Individual Distributors and Customers.

As one of her viable distribution channels, a Service Centre is saddled with the responsibility of registering new distributors, collating achievements and submitting same to the Head Office, training and retraining of distributors, interfacing with the management on behalf of the distributors, resolving conflicts among distributors, paying of bonus to distributors promptly amongst others.

Invariably, a Service Centre Owner is a duly registered distributor who having met with the Company’s requirements, sets up an office space for the sale and promotion of the Company’s products and business. Apart from selling the Company’s products, Service Centre Owners groom a group of distributors, mentor them towards business excellence and represent the Company in their business scope hence the need to ensure that they are well equipped with the necessary information and knowledge to continuously discharge their expected deliverables.

As an organization that understands the value embedded in training and retraining, an extensive training was organized for Service Centre Owners on Tuesday, 22nd June, 2021 at all her Training Centres nationwide. Open to all Service Centre Owners, the training eventually turned out to be more than a knowledge impartation gathering but also a “business family meeting” between the Service Centre Owners, Top Leaders and the representatives of the Company. In the different training locations, highly professional and resourceful trainers took the attendees through spellbound sessions laced with practical and relatable examples.

The training took place at our Apapa Training Centre in Lagos, Kano Training Centre in Kano State, Benin Training Centre in Edo State, Enugu Training Centre in Enugu State, Port Harcourt Training Centre in Rivers State, Ilorin Training Centre in Kwara State, Uyo Training Centre in Akwa-Ibom State, Abuja Training Centre in the Federal Capital Territory, Yola Training Centre in Adamawa State, Ibadan Training Centre in Oyo State, Bauchi Training Centre in Bauchi State and Onitsha Training Centre in Anambra State.

Representing the Company were: Mr. Michael Wu – Sales Manager, Mr. Charles Nweke – Marketing Manager, Mr. Shadrach Omoregba – Apapa Branch Marketer, Mr. Audu Mohammed – Kano Branch Marketer, Mr. Peter Okoduwa – Benin Branch Marketer, Ms. Vivian Onwuzulike – Enugu Branch Marketer, Mr. Idris Yusuf – Port Harcourt Branch Marketer, Mr. Christian Arogunyo – Ilorin Branch Marketer, Ms. Caroline Ekara – Uyo Branch Marketer, Mr. Marcus Momoh – Abuja Branch Marketer, Mr. Frank Anegbe, Mr. Stanley Ekpei – Ibadan Branch Marketer and Mr. Macdavy Chukwuka.

Top leaders were not left out as they graced the training to share their wealth of experience with the attendees and validate the training at the different locations across the country. Some of the top leaders who graced the training in the different venues across the country include: Alhaji Adamu Ibrahim, Mrs. Esther Lalabe, Mrs. Ladan Ladi, Barrister Fatima Aliyu, Mr. Qodir Abubakar, Dr. Raheem Abdullahi, Dr. Remember Ransomed, Dr. Saidu Jada, Dr. Tobi Martins, Dr. Kolawole Ismail, Mrs. Adenike Mohammed, Mr. Zion Adegbemisoye, Mrs. Elizabeth Nwachukwu, Mrs. Remi Okeke, Mr. Adeyemi Kehinde, Mr. Franklin Nsirimobi, Mrs. Igwe Gold, Mr. Moses Egbeniyi, Mrs. Christy Essien, Mrs. Egbeada Florence, Mr. Matthew Chimezie to mention a few.

In Abuja, the presence of the Sales Manager as well as the Marketing Manager gave the training a special tone. The attendees received the duo with great excitement and took turns to pour out their concerns and questions to the Company’s representatives who then appreciated them for their hard work, passion and loyalty to the Company and also equally assured them that the Company will swiftly address all the concerns raised in order to ensure that distributors get a commensurate value for their efforts.

Speaking in an after-event interview, some attendees at Yola in Adamawa State affirmed that the training was long overdue and will undoubtedly minimize some errors being made by Service Centre Owners. Top Leaders present also extended their appreciation to the management for her periodic training and retraining initiative stating that these training will help distributors birth nothing short of excellence.

In Bauchi, the attendees were taken through explosive sessions on Effective Service Centre Management, Duties and Qualities of a Service Centre Owner, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Stock Management, Finance Management, Do’s and Don’ts of KEDI Business and so on. The attendees listened with rapt attention as the lecturers handled each topic with the aid of a power point projector.

The attendees at Kano were agog as the well-versed and highly profound ISAAC AJISAFE was present to share his “grass to grace” story. With various motivational quotes, he passionately tutored the distributors on practical steps to effectively manage a business at such a time of global inconsistencies. Seeking to quench their hunger for more knowledge, distributors doled out series of questions with regards to the different topics handled by the trainer.  

Certificates were presented to all the attendees, group photographs were taken at the different training locations as attendees couldn’t contain their excitement. They appreciated the Company for providing them with such golden opportunity to sharpen their business knowledge and help them become better business managers. Training is indeed the life wire of Network Marketing hence, KEDI is fully prepared to continuously dish out more in-depth training to help her distributors grow and live their lives to the fullest.

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