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The most recent and unique massage innovation which has brought revolution to the massage industry has finally arrived…

As a reputable healthcare organization committed to the provision of sound health to mankind through quality and highly beneficial healthcare products, we thought it wise to introduce KEDI GUN MASSAGER as our first seasonal product. Now, the world can heave a sigh of relief as the surest percussive massage device has arrived to kick out muscle soreness, muscle stiffness, muscle inflammation and stress. 

KEDI Gun Massager has been tested and certified by experts. It is portable, fashionable, durable, noiseless and highly effective. KEDI GUN MASSAGER is specially designed to relax the muscles, relieve pains and restore mobility in no distant time. It also reduces inflammation, anxiety, strains and sprains.

KEDI Gun Massager is a cordless device with four (4) functional massage heads suitable for the different parts of the body and different speed levels which can be adjusted according to personal preference. It also gives accurate percussive massage for accurate percussion and intense concentration for instant and soothing relief.

This exceptional product is open to PRE-ORDER ONLY and will span through a limited sales period because the available quantity is limited. The pre-order of KEDI Gun Massager will commence at all our Training Centres, Service Centres and Regional Offices on Sunday, 11th April, 2021 and end on Wednesday, 30th June, 2021. The product code of this unique medical device is SS01, the bonus value (BV) is 220, the point value (PV) is 250 and the price which was FORMERLY N119, 999 is NOW N89, 250 only.

WHAT MORE? When you buy ten (10) sets of KEDI Gun Massager, you will get ONE FREE. Please note that product will be delivered in July and August 2021 according to order placement.

KEDI Seasonal Product is a new initiative designed with the aim of providing our distributors and customers with some unique products with outstanding features periodically to meet their needs. KEDI Seasonal Products come in PRE-ORDER ONLY with a LIMITED STOCK QUANTITY and will be sold within a LIMITED SPECIFIED TIME. Stay glued to all our information channels for periodic updates.

KEDI Healthcare reserves the final explanation rights to this promo. KEDI GUN MASSAGER … COMFORT AT ITS BEST

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