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Corporate performance evaluation is relevant in the construction of a strategy of organizational excellence. This informs the annual gathering of KEDI Stakeholders who come together from different parts of the country to review the past activities of the company and map out strategies for the future in line with the company’s vision and mission.

The annual KEDI Stakeholders Meeting is a gathering of champions who are seasoned professionals and have carved a niche for themselves in the industry over a period of time. The epoch event is characterized by sophisticated narratives, innovative strategies and constructive analysis of the company’s activities and future projections.

The fourth edition of KEDI Stakeholders Meeting which doubles as the first ever virtual Stakeholders Meeting was successfully held on Friday, 12th March, 2021 on Zoom Cloud in view of the continuous increase in the confirmed cases of the deadly Coronavirus Disease which is ravaging the global polity.

Although the meeting could not hold physically as a result of the underlying limitation in the number of persons permitted in a public gathering per time, about thirty six Stakeholders from the different parts of the country and even outside the country made themselves available with the sole aim of reviewing the activities and achievements of the company in the outgone business year as well as mapping out realistic projections and corporate strategies to help the company attain enviable heights and record remarkable achievements in the current business year.

The meeting was officially declared open at exactly 10:06am after the introductory video which was played to welcome the attendees as they all linked up with the meeting simultaneously. The anchor of the event (Mr. Emmanuel Ogazi – KEDI South East Regional Officer) heartily welcomed all the attendees and handed the ‘baton’ over to Mr. Matthew Chimezie who said the opening prayer in the Christian way after which it was time for the MD’s speech.

The Managing Director was well represented by the Operations Manager – Mr. Roger Luo who appreciated the distributors for their unwavering commitment and undeniable passion. He also applauded them for their efforts and unflinching support which has helped the company to stand tall and record all-round increase regardless of the heat of the pandemic which undoubtedly pulled down some other companies.  He reiterated the company’s commitment to continuously provide her distributors and customers generally with more quality healthcare products and well-improved business policies and methods to ensure that distributors and customers get a commensurate value per time. Mr. Sunny Ojiaku and Mr. Adediran Adeyinka then moved the motion of adoption of the minutes of 2019 Stakeholders Meeting which was immediately followed by the presentation of the Marketing Manager – Mr. Charles Nweke who left no stone unturned as he gave an apt analysis of the company’s performance in the outgone business year.

He opined that despite the harsh effect of the global pandemic on businesses across the world, the company still recorded some laudable achievements which he outlined as:

  • Food relief programme where food items were distributed to our low-level distributors and the vulnerable in the society. This initiative was put together by the company in conjunction with some Top Leaders as part of the company’s proactive measures to alleviate the impact of the harsh economy on her distributors across the country.
  • Provision of more mouth-watering promos to help distributors enjoy more value as they strive to grow their businesses. Some of the promos include: two Seasonal Promos (March to May & September to November), Cello Q10 Promo, Gum Care Toothpaste Promo, Anniversary Promo, Shopping Festival amongst others.
  • Distribution of Cars and Car Award Gifts. About 94 distributors got their choice cars courtesy KEDI 2020 Car Award Promo. Some other distributors equally got amazing prizes for their outstanding achievements. 
  • Review of Service Centre Policy.
  • Suspension of monthly remittance to ease the effect of the pandemic on distributors.
  • End of the year award/thanksgiving celebration.
  • Introduction of a bi-monthly online broadcast – TALK TO KEDI to bridge the information gap between the company and her distributors and customers.

On the challenges encountered during the course of the business year, he outlined the following which he termed ‘familiar challenges’:

  • Delay in the submission of monthly achievement.
  • Delay in payment.
  • Excessive error forms.
  • Non usage of KEDI APP.
  • Non compliance of KEDI Product Borrowing Procedures.

The Marketing Manager wrapped up his presentation by commending the distributors for their unrelenting efforts regardless of the tensed polity and the heat of the global pandemic which hitherto led to a downturn in the global economy. Highlighting the company’s overall performance for the outgone business year, Mr. Charles stated that the company recorded an increase in the number of newly registered distributors and nine percent increase in the monthly achievement.

Taking over almost immediately was the Sales and Marketing Manager – Mr. Michael Wu who took the gathering through the company’s projections for the current business year. Topping his list was KEDI 2021 TRAVEL PROMO. He stated expressly that sixty nine distributors will be touring the world in an all-expense paid trip having met the promo requirements.

He pointed out that various qualitative training have been packaged for distributors in different phases. Some of which include: Foundation Training, Leadership Training, Regional Seminars, Lecturers Training, Product Training and so on. He took time out to explain the concept of KEDI Seasonal Product to the delegates who listened with apt attention. He also mentioned the forthcoming KEDI 2021 CAR AWARD PROMO which promises to be unique and massive. He concluded his presentation by announcing to the attendees that additional Training Centres will be opened starting with Kaduna and Bayelsa Training Centres respectively.

After the Sales and Marketing Manager’s presentation, the Marketing Manager took over as he read out the Managing Director’s response to the questions asked by the Stakeholders in the 2020 edition of the grand event after which the Stakeholders took turns to articulate their views with regards to the following issues:

  • Ambiguity of promo details.
  • Delay in handling error forms.
  • Reinstatement of mega seminars.
  • Product shortage.
  • Product markdown.
  • Delay in dispatching promo items.
  • Insufficiency of training materials.
  • Introduction of Agro-allied products.
  • Stereotyped promotions.

Responding to the Stakeholders on behalf of the management, the Deputy Manager – Mr. Joshua Igbatigbi in his closing remark earnestly assured the attendees of the management’s willingness and commitment to appropriately attend to all the aforementioned issues in a bid to ensure that distributors continue to enjoy a hassle-free business relationship with the company. He however urged the distributors to cooperate with the management and staff in order to bring about the desired change as elucidated. After which Alhaji Adamu Ibrahim brought the meeting to a close at exactly 12:30pm with a closing prayer which was done in the Muslim way. At KEDI Healthcare Industries, our commitment to excellent customer satisfaction remains undeterred and we promise to go extra mile in providing more favorable business policies and more unbeatable healthcare products to ensure the continuous growth and wellness of our distributors and customers all over the world.

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