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It’s official! It’s big!! It’s here again!!! It’s KEDI 2020 Car Award.

We officially announce the unveiling of KEDI 2020 CAR AWARD Logo and Slogan. The logo and slogan are both aimed at promoting easing identification and event differentiation and registration.

As we move closer and closer to the 7th edition of KEDI Car Award, we are delighted to announce a new logo alongside its slogan.

Introducing, 2020 Car Award Logo & Slogan …

The logo contains figure seven in yellow and blue colour with the symbol of a car encircled with blue and yellow thin lines and decorated with seven bright stars with different shades of shinning.

The car symbolizes the event type – CAR AWARD, figure seven represents the current edition of the event – 7th edition, the yellow seven leaning on the blue seven represents KEDI who with the unflinching support of the distributors over the years is always committed to creating life changing opportunities for every single distributor to shine like the stars that they are, while the blue seven being leaned on represents the distributors who are dedicated and dogged in their commitment to making KEDI a household name for health and wealth across the continent. The yellow and blue thin lines symbolize a sure and dependable covering that KEDI provides by seeking after the interest of her distributors at all times. The circle represents a perfect fusion and togetherness which means that we are at par with our distributors at all times and the event will serve as a form of reunion for all KEDI distributors across the continent.

The seven shining stars decorating the circles represent the number of years the event has taken place and the level of impact it has had overtime. For years since its inception, KEDI Car Award keeps surpassing the former edition; that is, the next edition always exceeds the previous editions in standard, content, programme delivery and level of impact hence the progressive shinning of each of the seven stars.

Further to this, the logo colors – a mixture of yellow and blue (KEDI colour) identifies a stronger focus on continued progress, dedication to exceed her distributors’ expectations and convert their dreams to reality.

The slogan – WE CREATE & YOU SHINE translates to the fact that KEDI is dedicated to creating different platforms and privileges to enable our distributors shine brighter in every ramifications of their lives.

The logo seeks to communicate consistency, innovation, reinvention and reinvigoration. Stylized by elements of prosperity and growth, the new logo reflects a new era of innovation for the company and an era of unstoppable radiance one that better represents our core values, what we do, and how we operate. This translates to finding a brand identity that communicates a sense of Progress, Greatness and Professionalism without sacrificing the perception of friendly and approachable service.

The seventh edition is loaded as it promises to transform lives and make our distributors shine distinctively. 

The logo and slogan will be used in ALL advertising materials and publications for the event accordingly.


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