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It’s that time of the year again to share love, have fun, spend quality time with family and friends, try out delectable dishes, visit interesting sceneries and build good memories with loved ones.

It has indeed been a successful business year and we have our Esteemed Distributors and Customers to thank for this. We thank you for staying true to us, thank you for being loyal to our brand, thank you for participating in all our promos and events, thank you for accepting our offerings and celebrating our deliverables, thank you for your doggedness and commitment this business year; the success story wouldn’t have been complete without you.  

Another festive season is here with its peculiarities hence it is important that you equip yourself with the necessary information to help you and your family have an enjoyable festivity:  


  • Get rid of stress as much as you can:

As much as there will be so much activities, events to attend and guests to cater to, ensure to stay out of stress as much as you can.

  • Eat healthy:

Don’t fall for the temptation to eat just anything and everything. Stick to a healthy diet (balanced diet). Focus more on the quality of each meal than the quantity.

  • Don’t neglect physical exercises:

No matter how busy your schedule is, take out few minutes to engage in physical exercises to keep fit. You don’t want to become all blown up after the festive season.

  • Get adequate sleep and rest:

Irrespective of the activities and fun, ensure to get appreciable hours of sleep and rest to relax your nerves and help you maintain a healthy and sound mind because no one wants to fall sick during the festivities. 

  • Spend within your means:

Have a budget for the festive season and stick to it. Avoid spending beyond your budget because you don’t want to be cash strapped after the festive season. 

  • Remember the less privileged:

As you celebrate, don’t forget to reach out to those who are in need around you. This is a good period to share love with the orphans, abandoned and the needy in the society.

  • Have fun responsibly:

Whatever fun means to you, ensure to stay within the ambits of law and civility.

  • Stay healthy:

Being sick during the festivities is the worst that can happen, so do all you can to avoid it. Wash your hands, stay hydrated. Make sure to get enough sleep this season and protect yourself with KEDI Healthcare Products.

Season’s greetings to you and your family from the Management and Staff of KEDI Healthcare Industries Nigeria Limited.

Have a pleasant holiday!!!

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