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Employees training are of paramount importance to the growth and development of any given organization. It leads to increased job satisfaction, employee motivation, capacity to adopt new technologies and methods, innovation in strategies and products, increases efficiency in work processes, results in financial gain, enhances company’s image and reduces employee turnover.

It is against this backdrop that the management of KEDI Healthcare Industries on Thursday 25th of July held the second quarter job review at the Company’s Head Office for all her Branch Marketers across the country. The laudable initiative which was flagged off last quarter entails an apt presentation on the income, activities, achievements, expenses and overall growth of each of our Branch Offices for appropriate assessment and commendation where necessary.

In attendance were the Operations Manager – Mr. Roger Luo, the Assistant Operations Manager – Ms. Clara Zhang, the Finance Manager – Ms. Kabita, the Marketing Manager – Mr. Eco Zhang, the Sales Manager – Mr. Michael Wu, the Marketing Manager – Mr. Charles Nweke, the Deputy Marketing Manager – Mr. Joshua Okpanwu, the Branch Supervisor – Mr. Amana Amodu, the Information Officer – Ms. Serah Egbuna, the Event Officer – Mr. Felix Adedoyin and all Branch Marketers across the Country.

The meeting was opened up by the Marketing Manager who warmly welcomed everyone to the meeting and urged the Branch Marketers to articulately make their presentations to the management staff who were listening with apt attention. The Branch Supervisor then took over by giving a comprehensive analysis of the Branch activities, Branch Sales Report, New Service Centres opened, Seminar attendance, Branch Income and Expenses for the second quarter of 2019. He however applauded the Marketers for giving their best thus far to the growth of their respective work stations.

The Branch Marketers were then led to give a detailed account of their job achievements, challenges and hitherto areas where they need the attention of the management. Some of the grey areas outlined for management’s intervention include: review in the Branch Office source of revenue, Provision of more sophisticated checking machines, More practical training on how to use the quantum machine and proper consultation methods, Communication gap between the management and the Branch Staff, Change of Office Space, Discrepancies and inconsistencies in monthly achievement capturing at the Head Office, Effect of markdown prices on business, Legal actions on those peddling fake products using the company’s name and logo, Unique package differentiation for some of our products especially V-CA, Proper labeling and packaging of our products, Slow feedback from the management with respect to pressing issues at the Branch Offices, Logistics malfunctions and power issues, Extension of Service Centre Opening Promo to other Branch Offices amongst other issues.

Responding to the above stated challenges, the Operations Manager highly commended the Branch Marketers for holding up for the management in their respective States and urged them to focus on becoming better managers which will undoubtedly help them to grow their respective stations, serve the distributors very well and hitherto boost sales.

On the challenges, he said “Every company has its own challenges to deal with. However, KEDI sees challenges as an opportunity to grow better and stronger”. He also opined that subsequently, the branch marketers should also suggest possible solutions to their outlined challenges, that way it is easier for the management to know where and how to help them. He then assured them of the management’s commitment to rewarding them accordingly so long as they continue to put in their best at all times.  

On the second day – Friday 26th of July, the event was moved to Marble Brand Hotel in Ikeja where an impactful training session was organized for all the Branch Marketers and Company’s Supervisors alike. The training which was anchored by SAFESAAC CONSULTING had to its credit three knowledge packed sections themed BUILDING THE KEDI OF OUR DREAMS, CREATIVITY & INNOVATION and CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE.

The attendees were schooled on how to maintain and uphold the company’s values, how to produce better results, excellent internal and external communication skills, time management, doggedness and commitment to organizational goals, how to be creative and innovative, barriers to innovation and creativity, how to appropriately handle customers for better results, basics of excellent customer service amongst others.

Satisfied with the accuracy and authority with which all their questions were handled, the staff attested to the fact that the training helped to fill up their knowledge bank and set them on course and fully kitted to return to their business stations to record remarkable successes as a result of all they have been taught. Indeed, Organizations that invest in their employees’ education, growth, welfare, development and motivation are termed SUCCESSFUL. In the words of Henry Ford “the only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay”.

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