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Elion House, 7/8 Agbeke Rotinwa Close, Dolphin Extension Estate, Ikoyi  was the venue of the 2019 Stakeholders meeting which was held on the 14th of February, 2019. The annual event is a gathering of top leaders and key distributors in the organization to hold deliberations to help map out strategies and set methodologies right to promote a more remarkable business year for all partners concerned.

The meeting which had in attendance 32 stakeholders from the different geo-political zones of the country was convened with the intent of laying to bare the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis of the business and tackle them appropriately to ensure smooth furtherance of the business.

On commencement, the meeting kicked off with an introduction of the Regional Officers till every attendee introduced themselves. The marketing manager, Mr. Charles Nweke gave a warm welcome speech which was followed by a Presentation by the Marketing Manager – Mr. Eco Zhang where he gave a general overview of the out gone 5 year development plan covering 2014 to 2018 business years and gave projections into the new 5 year development plan which is billed to cover 2019 to 2023 business years.

The statistical presentation of the Marketing Manager gave out the total number of registered Service Centres to the tune of 530 as at 2018, 170 distributors enjoyed travel promo, Car awardees between 2014 and 2018 statistically are: – Kumasi – 77 car awardees, Lagos – 100 car awardees, Abuja – 88 car awardees. About 5 students were beneficiaries of our Scholarship Plan from 2014 to 2018; our donation plan ran to the tune of 7 Million naira in the last 4 years. About 10 regional offices and several training centres were inaugurated between 2014 and 2018. There were about 340 seminars in 2018.

Other laudable feats that were recorded in the out gone 5 year development plan are: the unveiling of KEDI App to help distributors secure their businesses and boost their sales; the introduction of Vitanature brand with excellent product lines, introduction of Dr. Cap (Mascot), KEDI Football Club which was flagged off in 2017, Miss  KEDI Beauty Pageant, Introduction of Planning Department – a team of trained professionals to handle all of the organization’s means of communications with an apt touch of professionalism.

On projections for the new 5 years development plan which is billed to run from 2019 to 2023, the Sales Manager outlined the following:

  • KEDI HMO Plan for the distributors depending on their levels against accidents and emergencies.
  • Mutual fund plan – a platform set aside for distributors to insure their futures.
  • Marketing seasonal promo which will take place from March to May and September to November, 2019 respectively.
  • International Travel Promo for about 200 distributors, beneficiaries will be from Star 6 to 8 consultants.
  • Car award to be enjoyed by about 200 distributors.
  • 100% sales increase.
  • To open up to 800 Service Centres.
  • To have about 10 additional training schools.
  • To add more new products and improve on the existing ones.
  • To upgrade product packages to meet market acceptance.
  • Educational Plan – there will be scholarships to study abroad and also free Traditional Chinese Medicine training.
  • Business Plans – Higher, faster and stronger achievements; larger bonuses, cost and situation control.

The meeting did not end until the stakeholders were given the opportunity to express themselves with respect to the out gone 5 year development plan and the newly introduced plan. Some of the reactions included:-

  • Mark down prices on some of the products.
  • Motion to review the compensation plan.
  • Promo qualifications.
  • Seminar allocation and provision of central flyers.
  • Capturing Regional Offices and Service Centres in KEDI APP
  • Shortage of products and delay in product circulation.
  • Training and re-training of local lecturers across the country.
  • Innovation, improvements and a touch of professionalism in the way we do things.
  • KEDI to bring more products and services to bare.
  • Training and re-training of staff at the training centres.
  • Innovation in our products and services.
  • Clearing off the bottle necks in the decision making process as it affects the distributors.
  • Adequate information before convening meetings.
  • Product labelling is poor or should be addressed.
  • Calendars and other literatures should be circulated earlier.
  • Vagic liquid female wash should be re-introduced into the market.
  • Quality of 7 layer pad should be looked into. Needs upgrade.
  • Upgrade on Diawell capsule.
  • Even and timely distribution of products, forms, payslips and other stationeries.
  • Possible usage of vernacular in seminars.
  • Slow registration of new products.
  • Low effectiveness of some of our products.
  • Possible extension of travel promo.
  • Critical review of honorary bonus.
  • Review of house award.
  • Lack of professionalism in error form and its process.

The Sales Manager – Mr. Ben Wu – painstakingly provided answers to the questions of all the stakeholders. He gave them optimum assurances that all their suggestions cum contributions will be looked into and addressed appropriately.

The meeting ended with a summary by the Human Resources Manager – Ms. Doris Bourmel – who encouraged the stakeholders and assured them that the management will do all they can to make the business environment conducive enough for their businesses to thrive in. She also shed more light on the KEDI HMO Plan and wished all present at the meeting; a happy valentine celebration.

Indeed, when champions gather, life changing ideas are not far away.

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