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Women get a lot of unsolicited advice in Nigeria. Many more come when she is married or have kids. A large percentage of older women are suddenly expert gynaecologists and parenting experts. Chances are, some of the breastfeeding “advice” you will get may not be accurate.


1. New Mom Should Drink Palm Wine for Milk Production


While this appears to work, it is counterproductive because it is harmful practice. Large amounts of alcohol in breast milk can have a sedative effect on the babies, it is more likely to make the babies agitated and disrupt their sleep patterns.

When a nursing mother takes it, it gets into the breast milk and the baby sleeps and nobody is suckling anything. Soon, the mother starts complaining that she is not lactating enough.

Studies have shown that babies take around 20% less milk if there is alcohol present, so they will need to feed more often.

Some infants have been known to go on ‘nursing strike’, probably because of the altered taste of alcohol in the milk.

2. A Pregnant Woman Cannot Continue Breastfeeding.


Sometimes, women become pregnant while they breastfeed. If the mother wishes to, she can continue breastfeeding. It isn’t dangerous for the foetus or the breastfed child. However, hormonal changes during pregnancy may affect the quantity and composition of milk production. If the quantity of breast milk is insufficient, it’s possible to complement it with infant formula. Some babies won’t like the new milk composition and will lose interest in breastfeeding.

3. You Have To Wean Your Baby Before You Resume Work


If you continue to nurse in the morning and at night, in addition to pumping twice, you should be able to maintain an adequate milk supply. Be commit to pumping, you can give your baby breast milk for as long as you wish. Pumping three times a day when you are at work—preferably at the same times she would normally nurse—until your baby is 6 months old. After that, when she’s eating some solids, you can drop down to twice a day.

4. You Have to Stop If You Get Sick.


Taking a hiatus from breastfeeding won’t protect your baby from your ailment.

By the time you feel ill, it is most likely you have already exposed your baby to the infection. By nursing while you are sick you pass along protective antibodies, helping your little one to stay healthy.

5. Breastfeeding will stop you from getting pregnant


Lactation amenorrhea method can be 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. However, for this to work, this must be in place. You are breastfeeding exclusively (and that means frequently, day and night), your baby is younger than 6 months and your period hasn’t resumed.

If you are not ready to be pregnant again, do not rely on breastfeeding for birth control.



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