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It was indeed a mind blowing event as KEDI Healthcare explored various cities and states in all branch office of the company with the quest to impact knowledge to individuals by organising a mega seminar in the month of April 2018 which was to promote the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) world-wide. In lure of this, ADAMAWA, GOMBE, DELTA, BAYELSA, CROSS RIVER,ANAMBRA,IMO,ABIA, EKITI State to mention but a few was not left out.

The mega seminars were held at different locations in the area such Ughelli, Olori guest house, Olori, Kaiama Town Hall, Bayelsa, Sunrise Hotel and Tours, Ogoja, Amazing Grace Hall, Golden Balu Hotel, to mention but a few.
The company representatives, Mr Nathaniel Adede, Mr Nicholas Anigala and Olusi Elizabeth Adeola, Vivian Eze, Mr. Emmanuel Ogazi, were there with some other top lecturers including Mr. Kehinde Adeyemi, Mr. Efuman Abubakar, Raheem Abdullahi, Surajudeen Jinadu, Mr. Bello Abdullmumini, Dr. Mrs. Stephanie Chichebem, Mrs. Lizzy Nwachukwu, Dr. Joshua Onodugo Moses Egbeniyi, Adediran Adeyinka among others. The lecturers spoke extensively on all products of the company, their efficacies and impacts in the restoration of health back to the entire human race, their benefits and usage methodology, and also the great benefits attached to being a member of KEDI.

Mr. Moses Egbeniyi, and Dr. Joshua Onodugo and some KEDI TCM consultants also advised all attendees on the importance of taking charge of their health with the popular saying “Health is Wealth”.

Also in attendance were some of KEDI’s Top Distributors, and competent lecturers who also spoke extensively on how been a member of KEDI Health can transform your life from a Zero Level to a Hero, of which testimonies were shared to the audience seated for the events.

A total of 2698 people attended this special April mega seminar with about 354 people registering to join this great community of healthy and wealth partners.

The distributors in attendance promised to work harder to take the company forward until her vision and mission statement is achieved. However, the April seminar was a huge success as everyone went home with change of live.

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