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The management of KEDI Healthcare with the zeal to foster good working and business relationship, and also create social awareness between the organisation, her distributors, and the environment at large which is one of the goals of the organisation held a novelty football match between her distributors and her staff at the Campus Mini Stadium Lagos Island, Lagos State on the 28th of October, 2017.

The football match began at 10:00am had a lot of crowd which comprises of KEDI M.D, Mr. Alex Zhao , Miss. Doris, Mr. Ben, Mr. Sunny , Mr. Eric, Mr. Andy,  and other top Personnel of the organisation and staff, alongside KEDI distributors from every sphere of life.

The welcome speech was delivered by KEDI Managing Director in person of Mr. Alex Zhao, which after his speech kicked the ball to commence the football match, and the crowd paid vivid attention to watch the match.

The first goal was scored by a distributor,Furthermore KEDI staff equalized by scoring two goals immediately after the first goal by the distributor, at the close of the first half of the match with the score line 3-1 in favour of KEDI staff.

The second half commenced at about 11:30am, and KEDI staff added another goal, keeping the score line at 4-1 in favour of her Staff.

After the goal by KEDI Staff, the distributors added two more goals making it 3 goals by the distributor, of which the score line now became 4-3, the distributors 3, while the Staff 4.

However, KEDI staff were the winners of the Novelty Football Match and were celebrated by both the distributors and the much anticipated crowd.

Two of KEDI top distributors in persons of Mr. Ekpo and Mr. Anyaku commented about the football competition to celebrate the First KEDI Spots Day.

Also special awards were given to the most valuable player Master Sodiq Babatunde,and the highest goal scorer was given to Mr. Peter Adegoke, of which the award was presented by Mr. Ben and Miss. Doris, while the runner up medal was presented by Mr. Sunny and Mr. Andy.

The trophy was presented to the winners of the match (KEDI staff), by Mr. Alex Zhao.

The match was indeed an exciting event, as everyone present had lots of fun, and pictures also were taken after the event, as everyone departed from the arena by 2pm.

The event was a success, as so many people were interested in the business, and many were also interested in knowing where and how to purchase the products when needed.

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