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Akwa Ibom State which comprises of the major top leaders of KEDI Healthcare officially launched her Uyo Training Center in the state capital as the number 7 training centre in its fulfillment of its 5years plan.

The event started with a two day Road Show covering major busy areas of the state capital to raise public awareness towards the actual opening ceremony, of which activities took place from Thursday 14th to Friday 15th and finally the grand finely on 16th September 2017.

Commencement of the whole event which started with the twodays Road Shows was broadly covered as men of the FRSC managed the vehicle movement for easy control of stampede and traffic.

Furthermore after awareness was created, a brief meeting was held with Service Centre lecturers to welcome Mr. Sean (Marketing Manager)for KEDI Healthcare, Mr Nathaniel Adede (South-South regional coordinator), Dr.Joshua Onodugo (the chief Lecturer of KEDI Healthcare) ,Miss Caroline, and KEDI Healthcare distributors, SC 298, SC 027, SC 374, SC 410, SC 113, SC 068,067,   SC 016, SC 327, SC 122, 225, 016,113, 313, 418, 410, 027, 011, 467, 298, 311, 067, 374, 441.

The event was colorful as the well decorated  hall and newest international training center was unveil by management staffs, no. 1 director, top leaders, SCs owners and lecturers and all were ushered to the high table as everyone present were recognized.

The essence of the meeting was geared towards re-assuring the people of Uyo that the training center present is never to bring anyone down but to change the lives of individuals within and around the community,which is a paramount thing in Kedi business.

The opening speech was made by the Marketing Manager in person of Mr. Sean Paul of which in his remark he expresses his joy towards the advent of a training center in the state and advised all to take advantage of the center to grow their business.

The chief lecturer in person of Dr. Joshua Onodugo gave his lecture on aspect of Products by brilliantly explaining to the audience the methods to apply KEDI products in order to get results.

Mr. Emmanuel Kejirovwo, KEDI Business Analyst told the much excited crowd about the compensation plan and the amount needed to register to become a full member, it’s financial benefits and all other benefits.

Also an opportunity was given to top leaders in the business to motivate the audience through their testimony, and it was indeed intriguing as the 3 Star Director Mr. Sunny Ojiaku , 1 Star Director Mrs. Christy Essien,Aniema Austin, Emem Uduak, Victoria John, among others shared their achievements in the business, which triggered lots of registrations.

However there were opportunities for individuals to participate in the Raffle Draw ,as winners went home with wonderful gifts ranging from KEDI Hamper Pack, KEDI Polo, Face Cap, KEDI Branded Customise Cutleries; Public Address System, and more, while the first runner up went home with acombination of all the items as it swept the audience off their feet.

After the event, the management team also held another meeting with the Service Centre Lecturers to assure them that KEDI is solidly behind them and welfare issues will continually be taken care of from the management level.

It was recorded that lots of people were present for the event.

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