• Open-Hours: 9am to 5pm



KEDI Healthcare held her Business opportunity, and Mega Seminar at Awoye community Hall, Illaje, Ondo State, on Saturday 9th of September 2017.

The event which began at 10:25pm was anchored by Mrs. Ehuwayijomo Omolayo, a KEDI Star 5 Distributor.

The  South-west Manager, in person of Miss. Vivian Eze in her opening speech welcomed everyone present and also appreciated Mrs. Oyelere Iyabode and all those who took out their time to organize the event, and also Distributors present too,reminding them the purpose for the gathering. She also introduced KEDI Healthcareto those coming for the first time, and briefed them on the benefits they stand to get as members.

The product presentation was given by Mrs Oyelere Omolara (Queen Oyema), who in her lecture educated the people on KEDI products and its efficacies.

Mr. Zion Adegbemisoye took the business presentation. He systematically showed them how to make money in KEDI by giving them detailed information on how to build & grow in KEDI Multi-level Marketing business.

Furthermore,testimony was given by Mrs. Peace Adegbemisoye by telling the crowd all she has benefited ever since she joined KEDI business.

However, the Motivational speech was given by Mrs.Oyelere Iyabode.

It was recorded that 350 participants were seated for the event, and over 28 people registered instantly, and more awareness about the company was created.

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