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KEDI Healthcare in one of its 5years plan to open more TrainingCenters has recently open a new Training Center to add to the ones already existing,held a two days Service Centre and Lecturers training which took place at thebranch office, Uyo Akwa Ibom State on the 25th and 26thof August, 2017.

The essence of this training was to educate lecturers thatwill help to foster the business, new registration and sales in the state andit’s environ.

The seminar which started at exactly 11:00am on Friday andSaturday respectively had KEDI Healthcare Distributors of Star 5, and abovefrom Cross Rivers, and Akwa Ibom region, SC 298, SC027, SC3374, SC410, SC113,SC068, SC067, SC 109 amongst others.

However, the Chief lecturer, Dr Joshua Onodugo and Mr GiftOkuba from Head office were the trainees for the event, as the two days topichighlights were display to get everyone set for the training ahead.

The first training was on Presentation Skills, KEDI productsingredient and usage, while Dr Joshua spoke extensively and threw more light onour products efficacy in Nigeria which cannot be compared with another.

The milestones here marks the First SCs/ Lecturers training taking placein the branch so we can select our lecturers for the training centre and itstarted and ended in success.

The turnout for the first day were 40 persons in ,while the second day 34 persons were in attendance as some excused themselves due to the sanitation.

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