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KEDI Healthcare held her Foundation training at the Owerri Coordinating Zonal Office, Owerri, Imo State, on the 26th of August,2017.

The event which commenced at about 12noon had in attendance KEDI Distributors from Star 1 to Star 4 Service Centre owners who were present to lend their support and encouragement to the new Distributors.

However, categories of Distributors between Star 1 toStar 4 as invited were acknowledged and given warm welcome.

Mr. Emmanuel Ogazi, KEDI Healthcare Head Office representative, and South-East Regional Manager welcomed the audience to the Foundation Training and congratulated the organizers of the event for a hugely successful effort towards its planning. He also conveyed the goodwill message of the management of KEDI Healthcare is willing and eager to support and assist allher Distributors to achieve their dream and business goalsas well as meettheir health and wealth needs.

The Product Presentation was given by Chief. RichAdiele , who took his lecture in his strides by carefully detailing  the usage of allKEDI products, Product applications, Dosage combination as well as the functions of the KEDI Health Equipments. After a thoroughly comprehensive and enjoyable traininglecture,questions were entertained ranging from several curious health enquiries to the usability and applications of medications of KEDI products on patients. Solutions were swiftly provided by the health consultant much to the satisfaction and applause of the audience.

The Business Presentation,training and motivation was given by Mr. Adegbemisoye Zion who was very flexible in his method of training tothe highest effect; ensuring every participant were extremely glued to their seats in rapt attention. Questions were also entertained atthe end of his training lecture and all enquiries were given swift answers much to the satisfaction and approval of the audience too.

Certificates of participation were issued to all attendees present by the Owerri RegionalOffice Coordinator, Mr. Richard Adiele as well as the Guest Lecturer; as each and every recipient took turns to pose for a photograph during certificate presentation.

It was recorded that about One hundred and forty invited Distributors were present for the training and certificates were issued to every participants present, as the event was a huge success.

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