• Open-Hours: 9am to 5pm



KEDI Healthcare held her Foundation Seminar in Kaduna, on the 25th of August 2017.

The event which commenced at exactly 4:10 pm had almost all Star 1 to Star 4 Distributors in Zaria, and some Star 5 and 6 were also in attendance, and all were seated to learn more about the business and company.

The Training was used to pass ground knowledge about the KEDI products and the business opportunities thatcan be achieved by being a distributor in KEDI. They were all 68 in number.

Opening prayer was done in both the Christian and the Muslim way by two distributors.

However, the welcome address was conducted by the North West Coordinator Miss Olusi Adeola, who also gave a short lecture about the VITANATURE products.

Product Presentation was given by Dr. Efuman, who in his speech threw more light on KEDI Products and its effectiveness.

Furthermore, Mr Abubakar also gave a Business presentation. He also enlightened the much seated crowd on how to grow with ease in the business.

Videos of the VITANATURE products were seen by those present, and by so doing more knowledge about the products was created.

There were opportunities for Questions and Answers, as it was recorded that a total of 68 people were seated, and most Distributors went home with gift items.

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