• Open-Hours: 9am to 5pm



KEDI Healthcare stormed the people of Igbokoda , as her mega seminar was held on Saturday the 15th July, 2017 in Ondo State.

The seminar began with an opening prayer, after which the M.C introduced Kedi staff, lecturers and Star 7 leaders and above to the high table.

The seminar began at about 10:42am, after which the South West coordinator Miss.Vivian Eze gave a welcome speech to the audience from different background, who were anticipating to hear from the speakers, to learn and to know what Kedi Healthcare is all about.

Mr. Jack the marketing manager also gave his speech immediately after the first speaker, relating to the crowd what Kedi stands for. The health presentation was given by Rev. Macfonse, who educated the audience on Kedi products and efficacies.

The business presentation was also given by Mr. Reubenson Emmanuel who systematically informed them on how to make money, and how tobuild and grow in Kedi Multi-Level Marketing business.

Motivational speech was given by Mrs. Oyelere Iyabode (Courageous Mama), as it was recorded that over a hundred people were in attendance, and more awareness about the company and product was created.

The people of Igbokoda embraced the business opportunity brought to them, as a welcome development of a new service center will soon emerge.

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