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Kedi Healthcarelaunched her new Service Centre SC 458, and her first Business EmpowermentSeminar in Gboko Secretariat Hall, Benue State on 22nd of July,2017.

The event wasanchored by Mr. Aunwa Seun a Star 6 consultant, and a Star 5 consultant,Ayandare Theophilus, both were filled with awesome agility, and lots ofexcitement.

This event was gearedtowards creating more awareness about the company’s products, and efficaciessurrounded by business opportunities.

A welcome address wasgiven by Mr. Sunny Atunwa SC 458, who clocked thirteen months in the business. Heexpressed much gratitude to the company for being faithful to their promises,and putting smiles on people’s faces.

Present at the hightable were, Rev. T. Mkena, Mr. Abdulateef Abdulhafees, Mr. Emmanuel Reubenson,Mrs. Josephine Oko, Mr. Bolanle Kehinde, Mrs. Agbun Magaret, Mr. Ojo Olalekan,Mr. Abiorp Timothy, and Kedi Regional Supervisor, Miss Magaret Idonije.

The goodwill message wasgiven by the company’s representative Miss magret Idonije, who was astonishedby the crowd filled with youths of Gboko community, and other neighbouringcommunities. She also awarded a certificate to SC 458 Mr. Sunny, for being apart of the top 50 sales for the month of June, 2017, and existing distributorswere paid special bonus.

Product presentationwas given by Mr. Abdulateef Abdulhafees who gave a resounding lecture on howKedi products can be combined to get effective results. He further stated thatKedi products has set standards in curing health challenges such as Diabetes,Stroke, Fibroid, Low sperm count and more.

The businesspresentation was disseminated by Mr. Emmanuel Reubenson, who indeed explainedhow Kedi business stages are operated. He stated that Kedi compensation plangives everyone the opportunity to excel. He also said that with Kedi, you aregiven the opportunity to be a solution by changing the health and wealth ofindividuals around you.

A motivational speechwas given by Mr . Bolanle Kehinde, Mr. Oluwole Atunwa, Mr. Ojo Olalekan, Rev.T. Mkena, and all expressed how Kedi has transformed their life’s both inhealth and wealth aspect.

It was recorded thatthere were presentation of gift items to the newly registered distributors, andabout 700 and above were in attendance with lots of registration and instantsales of products.

In much, 20 people from Cameroon were in attendance, and registration of 150 persons into the business was made.

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