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The Owerri Regional Coordinating Office Opening and Mega Seminar which took place on the 19th of March, 2017 at Weatheral Road Owerri Imo Statewitnessed a very colorful event.This Regional Office opening was informed by the need to raise Kedi market share in Owerri metropolis and increase the Sales within the region in focus(Owerri). The opening event was preceded with the Formal opening of Service Center 110 Onitsha office, ably witnessed by KEDI Healthcare Marketing Manager, Mr. Sean as well as the South East RegionalCoordinator, Mr. Emmanuel.

The Regional Coordinating Office opening was a colorful gathering of all The South-East Top Distributors, major South-South Top distributors, Titled chiefs, Service Center owners, Management staff and other important dignitaries.  The ceremony started at about 12noon as the Master-of-Ceremony(MC)warmlyacknowledgedand welcomed all KEDI Top distributors, Management staff, seasoned Lecturers as well as other Traditional dignitaries present and were ushered to the ‘high’ table. Mr. Shen- Kedi Marketing Manager gave a speech which began by greeting the enthusiastic audience in their native language. He briefed the audience about KEDI Healthcare Industries Ltd, her strength and superiority over competitors. He talked about the benefits of being a part ofKEDI Business and informed them on the latest information and programs currently being sponsored by Kedi Healthcare Limited.

Shortly after treating the audience to a fantastic welcome address much to the admiration of everyone present, The Guest Lecturer – a Medical Doctor and Consultant, Dr. Chichebem Stephanie delivered a well detailed and captivating lecture on the efficacy of Kedi Products and the need to stay young and healthy.

This was followed by the Motivational and Business presentation delivered by His Royal Highness, Eze Anthony Wabara: the Mbele I of Ohambele to the standing ovation of an overly excited crowd.

Top Distributors also took turns to give captivating and emotional testimonies of their humble beginnings and their KEDI success stories and rise to prominence, encouraging the joyous audience to stay true to their beliefs in KEDI and work hard to achieve their goals.

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