Paradigm Shift
In 2016, William Zhao with a keen eye for greater achievement and belief in a fundamental change in approach for ultimate success handed over to his successor Alex Zhao as the Managing Director. Alex Zhao travelled to the United States of America in collaboration with a top pharmaceutical company – Pharma Inc. produced a very potent food supplement for the wellbeing of Africans. The brand name VITANATURE is assigned to the company’s food supplement product line. VITA is a shortened form of “VITAMINS” which represents the products under this brand. VITA also emanates from the inspiration of the word “Vitality” while “NATURE” represents natural as it aligns with the company’s core ideology that quality is first and her products are natural and safe.
The logo of this brand comes in the shape of two leaf colours of light green and dark green, both leaf colours are the symbol of nature and life. In the middle of the logo, a sign of the cross in white represents medicine. This is a brand that encourages a healthy lifestyle with the slogan “life is good with VITANATURE”. The company has introduced four products namely CALMAZINE, LYCOVITE, ULTRAMEGA and CELLO Q10 under the brand name and more will follow in no distant time.
With the introduction of VITANATURE products, the Managing Director – Alex Zhao has shown his visionary leadership quality of taking the company to an enviable height that aspires followership, quality service and customer satisfaction.

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