The backbone of every ambition is resilience. It determines the degree of our will to pursue our dreams no matter what, break down barriers that stand in our way, and ultimately embark on a journey to greatness. While obvious obstacles could deter us from achieving our business and life goals, we must constantly strive to always keep moving.
The most commonly abused excuse used by millions of people regarding why they can’t start a business, is the lack of capital; but still, a man filled with passion, love and care for Africans, came all the way from China, started with one product and has today, impacted lives in Africa, yes, that person is the Founder and President of KEDI Healthcare Industries (Nig.) Ltd. – Mr. William Zhao.
Mr. William Zhao was born in China. His upbringing was centered about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); he had basic knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicines.
In the year 2000, Mr. William Zhao came to Ghana, West Africa. He worked as a manager in a pharmaceutical group of companies for several years. During his stay in Ghana, he surprisingly discovered so many Africans dying untimely due to poverty and incurable life-threatening and terminal diseases ravaging and cutting short the lives of young men, women and children. He thought of various ways to assist in combating these killer diseases, improving the health status of the people as well as to eradicate poverty in the country and the continent at large.
Based on his upbringing as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, he decided to introduce Chinese Herbal Medicine to Africa. In the year 2005, he established a healthcare company known as KEDI Healthcare Industries (Nigeria) Ltd., located in Lagos State, Nigeria. KEDI has today, established itself as a world-class and one of the leading providers of healthcare world over. It is a conglomerate with business interests in pharmaceutical sectors in China that promotes Traditional Chinese Medical culture worldwide. KEDI Healthcare’s business strength is based on her capability and expertise built up over the years, basking in the over 5000 years of Chinese herbal knowledge which has contributed immensely to the health and longevity of the Chinese people. Partners include Pharmaceutical companies, Governments, Bio-technologists, University departments, Schools involved in a broad range of activities and Industries for healthcare research and development.
At the time he started his business as a healthcare provider, the first core medicine he produced was GOLDEN SIX which is very effective in the balancing of human body system widely referred to as “yin and yang” balance. Its numerous functions make it a unique brand. Having seen the health benefit in the health status of Africans, he progressed and introduced another herbal medicine known as REVIVE, which is 100% herbal and curative, effective for improving male sexual performance amongst other health benefits.
With a clear view of a thoroughly researched African environment and her people, seeing the high rate of health insecurity occasioned by the alarming rate of bacteria and fungi within the environment, he introduced another herbal medicine known as REISHI which is a very strong antibiotic, anti-fungi and anti-bacteria remedy. More herbal medicines followed later on. With great testimonies from the users on the efficacy of the products, many Africans have taken advantage of the effectiveness of the products to boost their health status.
Further on the research, it was discovered that malaria is one of the prevalent illnesses in Africa. He introduced Qinghao, a very potent malaria antidote. The 2015 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine was awarded “YouyouTu” for her discovery of a therapy (Qinghao) against malaria; KEDI Healthcare has since been using this therapy in the production of its anti-malaria product. This anti-malaria product has helped a lot in the fight against malaria in Africa. Its growth and product acceptability led to the rapid growth and expansion of the organization. Having seen the effect of these TCM products and its inputs to the wide spectrum of the people of Africa, the company decided to expand her product lines as opposed to focusing only on herbal medicine and TCM products.
In 2016, William Zhao with a keen eye for greater achievement and belief in a fundamental change in approach for ultimate success handed over to his successor Alex Zhao as the Managing Director. Alex Zhao travelled to the United States of America in collaboration with a top pharmaceutical company – Pharma Inc. produced a very potent food supplement for the wellbeing of Africans. The brand name VITANATURE is assigned to the company’s food supplement product line. VITA is a shortened form of “VITAMINS” which represents the products under this brand. VITA also emanates from the inspiration of the word “Vitality” while “NATURE” represents natural as it aligns with the company’s core ideology that quality is first and her products are natural and safe.
The logo of this brand comes in the shape of two leaf colours of light green and dark green, both leaf colours are the symbol of nature and life. In the middle of the logo, a sign of the cross in white represents medicine. This is a brand that encourages a healthy lifestyle with the slogan “life is good with VITANATURE”. The company has introduced four products namely CALMAZINE, LYCOVITE, ULTRAMEGA and CELLO Q10 under the brand name and more will follow in no distant time.
With the introduction of VITANATURE products, the Managing Director – Alex Zhao has shown his visionary leadership quality of taking the company to an enviable height that aspires followership, quality service and customer satisfaction.
with her dedication to providing health and wealth to the people of Africa, KEDI products, philosophy and business model have been accepted by majority of the people. KEDI Healthcare today have an increasing number of over 500,000 distributors and over 500 service centres nationwide. The growing list of training centres is situated at Ikeja, Benin, Enugu, Ilorin, Kano, Uyo, Port-Harcourt, Apapa, Adamawa and Abuja. KEDI’s impact in the healthcare sector has placed them among one of the leading healthcare providers in Nigeria and Africa at large.