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Many people downplay the benefits of acquiring more knowledge about their business, craft or chosen career, this is a great error because attending business summits helps to sharpen your knowledge, helps you to gain and share new ideas and best practices, learn about the latest innovations and insights, meet with likeminded individuals, make new contacts and stay connected with friends and colleagues and so on.

In the eighth month of the year, KEDI organized big business summits in some selected parts of the country as part of her training calendar for the year. Distributors gathered together at the different locations to learn more about the Company’s offerings – her products, business, promotions and compensatory packages. 

Some of the locations where the summits took place are Bida in Niger State, Agbor in Delta State, Ifo in Ogun State, Ughelli in Delta State, Ifitedunu in Anambra State, Potiskum in Yobe State amongst others.

Some Marketing Officers were present at the summits to speak represent the Company and divulge the necessary information about the Company to the astonished audience. Staff present at the event are: Ms. Magaret Idonijie – Marketing Deputy Manager, Mr. Nathaniel Adede – South Regional Superisor, Mr. Nicholas Anigala – North Regional Supervisor, Ms. Kelechi Onyeri – North West Regional Officer, Mr. Abiodun Omolade – South West Regional Officer, Bamidele Oluwaseun – North East Regional Officer and Mr. Emmanuel Ogazi – South East Regional Officer.

Dignitaries, Top distributors and Lecturers were also present at the different locations to validate the event, share their grass to grace story as well as their wealth of knowledge with the attendees. Some of them are: Mrs. Eghe Oshodin, Mr. Ahmed Lawal, Mr. Majekodunmi Odebunmi, Mr. Moses Egbeniyi, Alhaji Adamu Ibrahim, Dr. Kawuwa Bakari, Mr. Fabode Akkem, Mr. Kolawole Ismail, Mr. Henry Amafuele, Mr. Uche Amadi, Mr. Ibrahim Azare, Prof. Adamu Saidu, Mallam Muhammed Gambo, Mrs. Bintu Yoganna to mention a few.

In Bida, Niger State, over fifty people registered instantly after the heart melting session about KEDI business and compensation plan which was thoroughly handled by one of our seasoned lecturers. In his presentation, he shared his KEDI story, how he joined the business after he lost all he had to an unsuccessful business transaction about four years ago. Dangling his car key before the audience, he stressed that he is a proud owner of three brand new cars courtesy KEDI CAR AWARD. He also explained other privileges he has enjoyed as a KEDI distributor like Mutual Fund, Free HMO, Free International Travel and so on.

The turnout in Potiskum, Yobe State was massive. The hall was filled up to its maximum capacity as people trooped in, in small groups chattering with excitement as they took their seats with great expectation in readiness for the business of the day. The presence of a senior lecturer from the renowned University of Maiduguri stirred up the attendees’ interest as they yearned to know more about the Company and what they stand to benefit by partnering with the Company. Almost 80 people registered after the two insightful sessions.

The summit ended with an interesting question and answer session at Ifo, Ogun State. Attendees poured in questions on different issues, the lecturers who were indeed equal to the task, succeeded in answering all their questions and clearing all their doubts. After the Q&A session, the lecturers left the audience with some powerful business motivational quotes with the intent of encouraging them to push beyond their limits and reach for the stars.

The summit at Ughelli, Delta State played host to hundreds of distributors from not just Ughelli but also other neighboring towns like Agbor, Warri and some even came all the way from Benin. The product lecturer did more than explaining the benefits, dosage and application, she painstakingly taught each product using vivid and relatable testimonies. It is not surprising that after the summit, not only did people come out in their numbers to register as a KEDI distributor, they equally purchased different KEDI products for themselves and their loved ones because as the lecturer rightly said, sound health is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. In all the locations, the summit did not end until the Company’s representatives, dignitaries, top distributors and lecturers took group pictures with the attendees who expressed their sincere gratitude to the management of KEDI for organizing such an intensive training as they appealed to the management for more of such remarkable training which they opined will certainly boost their sales and help them grow their business.

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