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Compliments of the season to our amiable Staff, distinguished Distributors, esteemed Customers and our prospective Distributors and Customers around the world. As the year gradually winds down, I will like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you all for an outstanding business year. Thank you for identifying with us, thank you for believing in us, thank you for staying glued to us, thank you for trusting our processes, thank you for your patronage and most importantly, thank you for supporting us throughout the outgoing business year. The remarkable success that we recorded on all fronts this year wouldn’t have been complete without you.

Although the effect of the deadly pandemic dwindled this year, it however didn’t stop the year from posing its own challenges ranging from the staggering state of the exchange rate which greatly affected the cost of importing our raw materials and eventually led to the unavoidable price increase which took effect from 1st of September, 2021. We also had to battle with high inflation rate, global economic uncertainties and inconsistencies, market saturation to mention a few.

I however make bold to say that despite all these challenges, we recorded quite a number of laudable achievements with the firm support of our distributors, customers and staff. This year, over a hundred Service Centres were opened in different parts of the country, two Training Centres were opened in Bayelsa and Kaduna respectively. Our Apapa Training Centre and Ikeja Training Centre were relocated to a more spacious and business-friendly space to provide our distributors with a hassle-free business experience. The Company equally expanded her business frontiers and now have a strong presence in Burkina Faso, Benin Republic and even Liberia. Most importantly in this business year is the record-breaking emergence of our first Honorary Chairman in person of Mr. Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku and our First Female Five Star Director in person of Mrs. Christiana Essien.

Compared to previous years, this business year, we not only maintained the intensity of our seminars and training, we equally improved on the quality of our seminars and training by thoroughly revising the training syllabus and content of our training materials. Our training system is now par excellence as we now provide our distributors with in-depth training on monthly basis in collaboration with our highly-seasoned lecturers. In order to provide more intensive training for our distributors, we partnered with SBM Business School to dish out different training in different waves and different locations across the country with all expenses duly paid by us.

In order to remain strong and continuously relevant in the highly-competitive market, we introduced our first ever seasonal product – the unique KEDI Gun Massager. We celebrated our Fifteenth Anniversary with series of memorable activities like raffle draw where hundreds of distributors won different fascinating prizes up to N100, 000 worth of KEDI products and much more. To further make the Fifteenth Anniversary a glamorous one, we embarked on a highly-rewarding brand collaboration with an ancient top-notch brand resulting in the introduction of the well-accepted Liushen Self-care Combo. We also introduced more fantastic promotions and increased the value of our seasonal promo like never before. 

I am so elated about all the achievements we recorded this business year and I must reiterate the fact that all these wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our highly-esteemed distributors, customers and our hardworking staff. Next business year, as an organization, we look forward to continuously providing you with MORE – more excellent healthcare products, more mouth-watering promotions, more cars and villas to be awarded to our distributors, more life-transforming compensatory packages for our distributors, more Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, more improved business policies to benefit our esteemed distributors and customers all over the world and of course more welfare packages and other incredible benefits for our staff.

I look forward to seeing KEDI Business bring sound health and great wealth to more people. I look forward to seeing distributors gain more in KEDI Business. I look forward to seeing more distributors upgrade their membership level. I look forward to having more Honorary Chairmen, more Directors, more Managers and so on in KEDI Business. I look forward to the biggest Car Award Ceremony ever in KEDI history and seeing many of you stand on the stage and celebrated in a grand way. I look forward to seeing you beam with joy and your faces radiating with smiles always.

On behalf of the entire management team, here’s wishing you and your family, a bountiful harvest of pleasantness and happiness as we celebrate the festivities together. We look forward to a successful 2022 business partnership like never before. LET’S KEEP KEDIFYING THE WORLD!!!

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