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Sep 15, 2020 DISTRIBUTORS by afeez

Champions are not those ones who always win races rather they are those who get out there and try regardless of the prevailing circumstances. Champions are those who stay committed to a given course even when it doesn’t seem like it, they go extra miles to make things happen and scale through life’s hurdles with all tenacity and passion. This is the story of MRS. CHRISTIANA ESSIEN – the First Female Four-Star Director of KEDI Healthcare Industries Nigeria Limited who broke the record and thus set a pace for not only the female distributors of KEDI but everyone to replicate.

From the Land of Promise (Akwa-Ibom State), she hails from a humble background in the sparsely populated Aquatic Centre of Onna Local Government and has to her credit different certifications both national and international which singled her out amongst her equals as a professional to the core. Not satisfied with living an average life like her peers, she registered with KEDI in 2006 when the company commenced operations in Lagos, Nigeria and that singular decision marked the begin of her journey to Stardom and Financial Freedom.

The popular axiom “success is never accidental but rather a product of persistence, hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and sacrifice” comes to play as Mrs. Christiana Essien gave the business her best shot and refused to allow her gender limit her success. Her hunger for success was intense as she decided never to settle for less at any point even in the midst of extreme negativity and discouragement from people around her who knew close to nothing about Network Marketing.

Patience is indeed a great virtue, after few months of consistent and strategic prospecting and massive product sales, Mrs. Christiana Essien’s network grew beyond her expectations and true to KEDI’s Compensatory Promises, she began to earn handsomely and enjoy mouth-watering privileges and promotions. This fanned her up a great deal, some of those who didn’t believe she could amount to anything good in her newly found business, began to come close and they eventually registered and got on board which skyrocketed Mrs. Essien’s sales record and eventually gave birth to her Service Centre (Service Centre 016) in 2008.

Not resting on her oars, she forged ahead by investing heavily in her team members as value indeed begat value and up till now, the Starflyer Team (SC 016) has one of the best and highly intelligent team members owing greatly to her relentless effort in equipping her team members with the necessary skillset, toolset and mindset to help them become highly competitive in the industry.

One way to spot a woman of great influence is in her quest to not just build people but rather build more leaders. With the aim of empowering people and bringing unemployment to its barest minimum in not just her state of residence but across the country, Mrs. Essien has taken it upon herself to make sure that everyone she knows as well as anyone that comes her way gets registered with KEDI to enjoy the amazing benefits and life-defining privileges that turned her life from obscurity into a force to be reckoned with nationally and internationally.  

Of a truth, hard work certainly pays the best interest. Over fourteen years of her partnership with KEDI, Mrs. Essien has enjoyed innumerable privileges like an all-expense paid trip to the United Arab Emirates, the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, Israel to mention a few in KEDI International Travel Platform. She has also won about ten (10) cars courtesy KEDI Car Award. She is currently enjoying an awesome Health Insurance Package courtesy KEDI Health Insurance Plan – a unique plan to secure the health of her distributors. She is one of the beneficiaries of KEDI Mutual Fund, a plan designed exclusively to secure the future retirement of our distributors. She also own houses courtesy KEDI Villa Award.

One of the attributes that largely contributed to the eventual success of Mrs. Christiana Essien is DETERMINATION. These fourteen years of her unflinching partnership with KEDI has not been without hitches, there were even times when she felt like giving up, there were times when “throwing in the towel” seemed like the only option but to her “failure was not an option”, she painstakingly fought through, she weathered the storms and today “posterity has served her lushness in a beautifully carved crystal goblet” as she recently emerged the FIRST FEMALE FOUR-STAR DIRECTOR OF KEDI HEALTHCARE INDUSTRIES NIGERIA LIMITED – a status that could only be attained by an undeterred and courageous woman of great demeanor.

Conversely, her journey with KEDI still continues as she aims at impacting more lives across the world and contribute immensely to the financial and mental emancipation of mankind through KEDI Business.

Mrs. Christiana Essien has certainly exemplified the truth that no matter the struggle or the challenge in your path, the brickbats hurled at you, or the number of situations that pull you down, a sense of optimism and the will to keep going is what make you an achiever, in every sense.

Success is not for the lily-livered neither is it automatic. It is reserved only for those who are ready to pay the price for it irrespective of the obvious limiting factors. Regardless of your gender, tribe and religion; KEDI Business is for everyone.


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