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2019 KEDI UAE TRIP was indeed a huge success. About 50 of our distributors were treated to pleasure beyond imagination. After days of extreme fun, laughter, comfort and splendor; they all returned to their normal lives. We received so many comments from them and we would like to share a few of them.

Still in this year, another group of distributors visited SAUDI ARABIA for the annual HAJJ exercise in July and some will visit the Republic of CHINA in September.

Below are a few excerpts from the UAE TRIP Returnees:

From Justina Alfred Udoh:

2019 KEDI Dubai trip was really amazing, super, excellent and has greatly impacted on my psyche. The trip has made me know that there’s no short cut to success other than perseverance, consistency and team building.

I sincerely use this platform to appreciate the entire KEDI group for the effort put in making this trip excellent. To me, it was like a dream but with “KEDI” it was transformed into reality.

From Pharm. Chisom Maduekwe:

My thought about the trip is that of good. I have never been appreciated by anyone the way KEDI did. The action that thrilled me most was when we were given some money for shopping. I said to myself upon the free expense trip, KEDI still gave us some cash. I really lack words to use to appreciate you.

I am really proud of KEDI.

From Ifeoma Omolu:

I want to express my sincere gratitude to KEDI Healthcare, the Directors and all the Staff for the beautiful treat given to us at Dubai. It was indeed a splendid and mind-blowing vacation which has greatly impacted on our psyche to take our businesses to the next level! Many thanks again and God bless you all richly!

From Kafeh Katoe Emerencia:

I want to use this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to the CEO and founder of KEDI HEALTHCARE. Thank you to all the Head Office Staff who coordinated this program. Much love to all those who showed me love in this trip. Thumbs up to my last minute man, who kept me company when I was struggling with my flight ticket at the airport.

From Mr. Ubi Ubi:

I wish to thank the Almighty God for the safe and eventful trip. Words cannot fully express my gratitude to the Management and Staff of KEDI for the wonderful treat they gave to us. They have proved to be Partners we can trust. May the Almighty God increase and uphold you all in Jesus name

From Godswill Alge Eseigbe:

KEDI Dubai trip was a wonderful experience for me. It availed me the opportunity of seeing some of the beauties and wonders of the world at the same time taking me out of my busy routines. The event was fun-filled, entertaining and educative. It availed me the opportunity of interacting with other KEDI distributors, share ideas, make new friends and contact both locally andinternationally.

Thanks to KEDI the promise Keeper.

From Amusan Oluwafemi Joseph:

I want to appreciate KEDI management and staff. Special thanks to the President – Mr. Williams Zhao for bringing this lucrative business / health opportunity to us. We all lodged in 5 star hotels; well fed, guided through as we all explored the beautiful cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It was a mouth watering experience for me.


From Mr. Matthew Chimezie:

The 2019 KEDI Dubai trip was a huge success. Success in this case can be measured by the level of satisfaction those who took part in the program had and the corresponding positive impression participants have about the company. The trip was very well-organized in terms of the itinerary, accommodation and general welfare. Holistically, it was a very rewarding experience. Many thanks to KEDI for being the Partner weTrust.

From Nweke Blessing:

To Mr. Williams Zhao, the President of KEDI Healthcare, God bless the day you were born and for bringing this sweet and delicious network my way. As for my fellow distributors, indeed hard work does pay, keep on working, keep on moving, the sky is not your limit, who will ever believe that someone like me will enter an international flight free of charge to Dubai all expense paid by KEDI? I love KEDI the more.

I love Dubai, I love what I saw, I love what I ate, I love what I took, KEDI, you have made me proud.

From Pharm. Andy Ebenge:

I am still dumbfounded at the kind of treat KEDI Healthcare management gave us at Dubai. It was just excellent. KEDI Healthcare Management keeps getting better. They surpassed our expectations. You may not understand until you experience it. KEDI Healthcare is making things happen. All you need is hard-work. Others who joined KEDI from other MLM companies were pleasantly surprised. Why not let KEDI surprise you too. By September, another group will be leaving for CHINA. KEDI is RAISING THE STANDARD. Thanks to the President and management of KEDI Healthcare.

From Olusesi Alabi:

I give all the glory to God for a successful trip. First of all, I appreciate KEDI and the Management for the unforgettable experience they made us to have in UAE. To be candid, KEDI really surpassed our expectations and they amazed us in many ways. We were treated like Kings and Queens right from the accommodation which was superb to the various delicacies and the numerous wonderful tourist sites that we visited. In all, I can say KEDI gave us a sweet memory that will be difficult to wipe off.

More grace to KEDI Healthcare Management.


From David Dimeji:

I want to thank KEDI for this unprecedented and uncommon show of love. It has been wonderful, fantastic, awesome and great. I doff my hat for the KEDI family. To you my colleagues, you are all wonderful. The Lord will bless and keep each and every one of us until we meet again. He will also help us to justify the confidence that KEDI has reposed on us by doubling our efforts. God on our side, we will succeed.

From Mohammed Ibrahim:

I want to appreciate KEDI Healthcare Industry for her kindness and remarkable impact both financially and the life transformation, it has impacted my life.

2019 KEDI UAE TRIP has drastically changed the story of my business because since I came back from this trip, I can honestly tell you that before, I was the one looking for people but since I came back from this trip, people are the ones looking for me and asking me how they can be part of 2020 car award and 2021 travel award too.

I personally said to myself that by 2021, I will not just go alone, all my team members must go with me for them to witness what I have witnessed for the equal transformation in their businesses too.

Once again, I thank God for KEDI HEALTHCARE.

From The Ezeobas:

KEDI Healthcare can be best described as the company with a difference. Our Dubai experience was awesome and top notch.We had a smooth flight with one of the best airlines in the World. We were lodged in one of the best hotels in UAE at arrival and also in Dubai; warm reception with excellent customer service.

We had the privilege to be chauffeured in expensive and luxurious cars; especially at desert safari. We explored all of Dubai. It was Fun! Fun!! And lots of Fun!!! All through, we visited amazing places to our admiration. We ate to our satisfaction and had the opportunity to relish different continental dishes ranging from English to Arabian to Italian to African to Chinese…

Thank you KEDI, The Partner WeTrust.

From Anyiam Lilian Echezona:

I was surprised at the special treatment KEDI Healthcare management gave us at Dubai. It was simply amazing. They went beyond my expectations. KEDI Healthcare Management keeps getting better by the day. It is better experienced than told. Special dishes, exciting sceneries, fantastic fun spot, luxurious shopping and awesome entertainment to my delight and admiration.

Special regards to Mr. William Zhao (the president of KEDI Healthcare) for bringing down this opportunity to Nigeria for well being and good standard of living. I appreciate Mr.Eco, Ms. Doris – our tour guard and members of Group A that travelled along with me, you all made this trip an awesome experience. To all KEDI distributors, I urge you all to work hard and be focused in order to achieve your dreams with KEDI. Do the right thing,at the right time and at the right place and the sky will be your startingpoint. KEDI … MY BEST BUSINESS PARTNER!!!

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