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WORD STROKE DAY 2018…UP AGAIN AFTER STROKE: Support for Life after Stroke

WORD STROKE DAY 2018…UP AGAIN AFTER STROKE: Support for Life after Stroke

The World Stroke Organization has conducted extensive consultation, through member organizations with stroke survivors and care givers around the world on what matters most in relation to stroke treatment and recovery.

World Stroke Day Campaign 2018

Suffering a stroke can cause many significant and challenging mental and physical changes; but, continuing to work toward recovery is important.

Finding your new normal after a stroke won’t happen all at once—and that’s OK. Developing a new routine and tracking small, step-by-step goals will help.

Your medical team is there to help. Keep them informed of progress, concerns and changes to how you can support your own therapy.

Campaign Objectives and Rationale


To reduce death, disability and the impact of stroke and TIA through better prevention, treatment and support.


  • Prevention

To increase awareness of stroke risk factors

To decrease high blood pressure and AF related strokes

To decrease lifestyle risk factors and behaviours at both the environmental and individual level

  • Treatment

To increase awareness of the signs of stroke and action to take

To improve quality of care

To increase access to high quality stroke care

  • Support

To increase access to support after stroke

To increase support for self-management

To remove barriers to social reintegration

Try to visit any KEDI HEALTHCARE OFFICE or attend KEDI TRAINING to learn more on how to manage STROKE

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