• Open-Hours: 9am to 5pm



KEDI launched her new Service Centre 469 Mrs Sandra Balla, and Mega Seminar on the 5th of August, in Mac Doria Hall GRA, Jos North Plateau State, on the 5th of August 2017.

The event which commenced at 11am, began with an opening prayer of both Christians and Muslims respectively, and it had KEDI Staff and Lecturers, Mr Surajudeen  Jinadu, Mr. Efuman Abubakar, Pastor olu (SC 292) KEDI Miss Photogenic Rosabeth Balla, and KEDI Northern Regional Supervisor Miss Magaret Idonije.

The welcome address was given by Mrs Sandra Balla, who in her speech told the much excited crowd that she joined KEDI Healthcare because of the health challenge of her son, who used KEDI product, and then after was informed about the benefits attached to it. She further stated that by joining KEDI, she has been able to create business opportunity for herself which prompted her to get more involved in the company by opening a Service Centre where people can easily get the products. She encouraged all coming for the first time to grab the business opportunity attached.

The Goodwill message was given by Miss. Magaret Idonije who in her speech advised existing Distributors present to spread the business opportunity of KEDI in the whole of Plateau State.
Product presentation was also given by Mr. Surajudeen Jinadu, who gave a resounding lecture on how KEDI products can be combined to get effective results. He also stated that KEDI products have set standards in curing some health challenges such as Diabetes, Strokes, Fibroid, Low Sperm Count etc.

Mr. Efuman Abubakar from Suleja explained how KEDI transformed him from a Barber to a Boss of his own. He went further to explain to the audience the stages of KEDI Business to the people. He encouraged everyone to join KEDI, and said with KEDI you are given the opportunity to be a solution by changing the health and wealth of people around them.

Mr. Surajudeen Jinadu narrated how he has been able to aquire two cars in KEDI, and how he has travelled to 3 countries through KEDI.

However, it was recorded that close to 200 people were in attendance, and there were instant sales of KEDI products, and 50 instant registrations.

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