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KEDI Healthcare business opportunity Bwari Abuja seminar, which took place at the Triple Event center, on the 10th of June 2017, was indeed a mind blowing event, as it was the first of its kind in that location, and about 210 guests were recorded in the seminar, with a lot of registrations.

Also present in the event were Mr. & Mrs. Kolawole SC281,Mr. Efuman Abubakar SC367, Mr. Orimogunje Olukunle Curtis SC441, Mr. Godswill David sc 466, Mr. Baron Iyke,Miss Josephine OK and KEDI North regional supervisor, Miss. Magaret Idonije, organizer of the seminar, and Miss. Emillia and Vivian sc 340. Mrs. Orimogunje Olukunle Curtis gave a company profile using the KEDI slides.
However, a welcome address was given by the host Miss Vivian sc 340, who welcomed everybody to the occasion, and testified how KEDI Healthcare has created a new life opportunity for her and her family. She also thanked KEDI for been faithful to all their promises, and she encouraged everyone present to grab this business opportunity KEDI Healthcare has brought to BWARI Abuja.

Furthermore, the goodwill message was disseminated by KEDI Northern Regional supervisor, Miss Margaret Idonije, who told the people about all the major benefits after joining KEDI which includes; RESIDUAL INCOME, CAR AWARD, INTERNATIONAL TRIP, HOUSE OWNERSHIP AND LOTS MORE. She further stated that when an item is purchased in the market, nobody gives you a reward but when you join KEDI Healthcare, you can purchase items and you have your bonus, and point values which help to rebuild you more in the business. The more the people you introduce the more the benefit.

Mr. Baron Iyke motivated the crowd by telling them how KEDI transformed him from a nobody to somebody, and therefore encouraged all those coming for the first time to grab the opportunity KEDI has for them, in order to have a better future. Also product presentation was done by MR. Efuman Abubakar on KEDI herbal products.

More so, Mr. Kolawole Ismail gave a rounding lecture on compensation plan, and how to attract more people to join KEDI business to enhance their way of living. The M.C for the occasion Mr. Segun Afokhai all the way from Minna Niger state thrilled the people with lots of excitement, and presentation of gift items were awarded to the newly registered members of KEDI.

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