The Big Break
With a clear view of a thoroughly researched African environment and her people, seeing the high rate of health insecurity occasioned by the alarming rate of bacteria and fungi within the environment, he introduced another herbal medicine known as REISHI which is a very strong antibiotic, anti-fungi and anti-bacteria remedy. More herbal medicines followed later on. With great testimonies from the users on the efficacy of the products, many Africans have taken advantage of the effectiveness of the products to boost their health status.
Further on the research, it was discovered that malaria is one of the prevalent illnesses in Africa. He introduced Qinghao, a very potent malaria antidote. The 2015 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine was awarded “YouyouTu” for her discovery of a therapy (Qinghao) against malaria; KEDI Healthcare has since been using this therapy in the production of its anti-malaria product. This anti-malaria product has helped a lot in the fight against malaria in Africa. Its growth and product acceptability led to the rapid growth and expansion of the organization. Having seen the effect of these TCM products and its inputs to the wide spectrum of the people of Africa, the company decided to expand her product lines as opposed to focusing only on herbal medicine and TCM products.

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