Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is an infection of the female reproductive organ caused by serious complication of some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea which in recent times among women are considered as serious ill-health condition by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Having unprotected sex with someone who has STDs, also during medical procedures such as child birth, abortion, miscarriage and endometrial biopsy, PID can be contracted.

The power to evacuate pain in the lower abdomen, unusual vaginal discharge with bad odour, pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse made Gynapharm an effective Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and other feminine related infections.


400mg per capsule

72 capsules per bottle.

Effective for clearing heat and detoxification, tonifying spleen and dehumidification,
dredging collateral and activating blood circulation.

Used for the treatment of annexitis, endometritis and pelvic inflammation with downward flow of damp heat.

  • Rosa Laevigata 72mg.
  • Caulis Spatholobi 60mg.
  • Donkey-hide glue 120mg.
  • Philippine Flemingia Root 60mg.
  • Chinese Mahonia Stem 40mg.
  • Radix Zanthoxyli 24mg.
  • Andrographitis 24mg.

Take four capsules at a time, three times daily.

  • Spicy food, raw or cold food and greasy food are forbidden when taking the medicines.
  • Patients with other diseases should take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor.
  • It is unsuitable for patients with clear morbid leucorrhea. Patients with reddish leukorrhagia
    should go to the hospital for treatment.
  • If the symptoms are not alleviated 2 weeks after taking the medicine, the patients should go
    to the hospital for treatment.
  • Patients allergic to this medicine are prohibited to use, and those with allergic constitution
    should take the medicine with caution.
  • The medicine is prohibited for use when its nature changes.
  • If the patients are taking other drugs, please consult a doctor or a pharmacist before using
    the medicine.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take this medicine.
  • Taking it simultaneously with other drugs may cause drug interaction.
    Consult a physician or pharmacist for details or visit the nearest hospital for advice.

Preserve in well-closed, light resistant container.

Store in a cool dry place below 30℃.

Keep out of reach of children.