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Victor Abimbola

Victor Abimbola

Feb 8, 2018 by kedihome

Victor Abimbola is from IjebuJesa, Oriade L.G.A., Osun State but based in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. He banked his first degree in Geology and Mineral Science from University of Ilorin and his second degree in Hydrogeology from University of Port- Harcourt, before further studies in Medical Geology and Water Medicine. He has been very successful in Curing, Preventing and Restoring health challenges with Natural/Herbal Medicines both nationally and internationally for over one and a half decades. He is an intermediate grade and a national KEDI Healthcare lecturer. The Manager of KEDI Service Centre 467,in Port Harcourt. Most KEDI evaluated lecturer in 2018 KEDI lecturers training and the chief lecturer in Rivers state. In recognition of his versatility and diversification, he is a member of Nigerian Council of physicians of Natural Medicine, Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologist, Council of Mining Engineer and Geoscientist, Nigerian Association of Mining and Geosciences Society, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationist. Apart from having downlines in almost all the states in Nigeria, he has spread his tentacles to different continents having downlines there due to his belief in Multi-level Marketing. He lectures in many schools of alternative medicine. To him this is just the morning in the spreading of the gospel of sound health and financial freedom of KEDI Healthcare.

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