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Kedi Healthcare in collaboration with all Service Centers in Zaria hosted a Mega Seminar at RAS Event Centre, Zaria on the 12thof August 2017.

At about 12 noon the event commenced having various leaders from Zaria seated with professors, nurses, doctors and medical practitioners.

The North-west regional marketer Miss. Adeola Olusi gave aspeech by engaging the much crowd in a bit of exercise due to the cold and rainy day witnessed on the day of the event.

Mr . Adeola Alimi made a resounding speech about the company’s profile. He talked about the history,and he also talked about the history of KEDI TCMS. He also spoke on how the KEDI MLM profile works.

Furthermore, Dr Joshua Onodugo gave a presentation on how various diseases can be contacted and also spread due to the unhealthy environment around us. He also gave solutions on how to keep the environment clean, after which he spoke on how GOLDEN SIX and other life essential products can be used on daily basis to prevent various diseases from happening to an individual.He concluded his speech by making the crowds know that they will not only be making money in KEDI, but they will also have the opportunity to save lots of lives.

Mr. Kolawole took the Business Plan. He motivated those present by telling them how he joined KEDI and his achievement ever since then. He also spoke about various benefits one stands to gain if they join, and how easy it is for them to make it without much stress. He told them how procrastination has hindered lots of people from been successful, and assured them that KEDI is an inheritance that can be willed to one’s children, even after death of a Distributor, the children can still reap from the much benefits KEDI has of their parents achievements.

The event recorded over 450 people, and over 100 registration were made out of which 40 people paid instantly.

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