• Open-Hours: 9am to 5pm



An adage says “information is power”, and that is why KEDI Healthcare deemed it fit to empower the people of Zaria by hosting a Foundation Mega Seminar in Kaduna on the 14th of July 2017.

This seminar served as a means of disseminating ground knowledge about KEDI products, and business opportunities which can be achieved by being a KEDI Distributor.

Present at the event were the Star 1 to Star 6 Distributors in Zaria, and the event commenced with an opening prayer by both the Christian and Muslim respectively.

The welcome address was done by the North West Coordinator, Miss Olusi Adeola. Dr. Baso who was the first speaker elaborated more on KEDI products and its effectiveness.

The business plan lecture was given by Mr. Isaac Ajisafe who professionally spoke specifically about the seven things one must do to succeed in Multi-Level Marketing.

The seminar was indeed a huge success as much knowledge was passed to everyone present at the event, which in turn rekindled the zeal in them to want to improve in the business. It was recorded that over two hundred people registered at the seminar ground.

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